Liu Qi

Feature Managing Editor

Shenyang offers a warm welcome

The capital of Liaoning Province is casting off its reputation as a post-industrial rustbelt city to offer travelers a host of pleasures both ancient and modern.

Music streamer inks exclusive distribution deal

NetEase Cloud Music is teaming up with B2 Music to distribute Billboard, VIBE and SPIN series in China.
Art & Culture

The hidden charms of South Pacific island nations displayed in Shanghai

The ongoing “South Pacific Island Nations Cultural Event” displays the unique cultures of these exotic countries.

Pop star Ariana Grande to play Shanghai in August

American singer and actress Ariana Grande is bringing her world tour to China for the first time.

Breathe deeply to inhale nature and peace of mind

An ideal getaway from the urban rat race is a tranquil retreat in northern Thailand where you can rejuvenate mind and body, and enjoy nature and exotic treatments.

Postprandial delight after Kunshan crab

The 57-hectare Tinglin Park stands against the only hill in Kunshan, the 80-meter-high Ma’anshan. It is a hidden gem amid the hustle and bustle of Kunshan’s city center.

Kashgar's resplendent past survives in redevelopment

Kashgar:a name that conjures up the mysteries of an exotic past. Visitors will find the old among the new in this westernmost city of China.