Shanghai medical experts announce effective treatment of deadly breast cancer

Cai Wenjun
Medical experts in Shanghai have announced the precise and effective treatment of the most deadly form of breast cancer, using molecular subtyping as a major solution.
Cai Wenjun
Shanghai medical experts announce effective treatment of deadly breast cancer
Ti Gong

Triple-negative breast cancer is divided into seven subtypes for precise treatment.

Local medical experts on Tuesday announced the success of a precise treatment for the most deadly breast cancer, with overall effective treatment raised from 10 percent to 29.8 percent.

Triple-negative breast cancer does not express the genes for HER2, progesterone receptors, or estrogen receptors.

It affects 10 to 20 percent of patients, who have a much higher chance of relapse and metastasis with poor treatment outcomes than those with other types of breast cancer.

"Precise treatment based on molecular subtyping is a major solution," said Dr Shao Zhimin from the Shanghai Cancer Center.

Shao's team spent five years to screen out the world's largest genome of triple-negative breast cancer. They divided the cancer into seven sub-types for individualized and precise treatment.

All patients participating in clinical trials have suffered at last three metastasis on the body and have no effective medication.

About 29.8 percent of patients have seen their tumors became smaller and 48.2 percent of the patients' disease is under control.

"With precise molecular subtyping, we are able to introduce more precise and targeted medications for different patients and better treatment effects. It's a new breakthrough in the treatment of triple-negative breast cancer," Shao said.

Shao said his team will further the research on precise treatment of triple-negative breast cancer and explore more new therapies for the disease.

The achievement was published by world-leading Cell Research.

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