Cai Wenjun

Metro Managing Editor

Free thyroid cancer screening for 'model volunteers'

Thyroid cancer has replaced breast cancer to become the most prevalent cancer for local females. Shanghai Cancer Center today offered free screenings for model volunteers.

Local hospitals develop new therapies for lung cancer

Local hospitals are involved in developing key technologies and participating in new medical equipment research to fight lung cancer.

Cancer is the second leading killer for local residents

The five most prevalent cancers in Shanghai are lung cancer, colorectal cancer, thyroid cancer, stomach cancer and breast cancer.

Danger of wrinkle removal therapy

Wrinkle removal therapy has never been more popular in the cosmetic surgery market, according to medical experts.

Robotic devices and games used for rehabilitation

Local rehabilitation hospitals are using robotic devices and games to perform evaluations and help patients exercise, which become more interesting and fun for patients.

Largest sacral tumor removed from patient

A huge 12.6-kilogram tumor was removed from the lower back of a 62-year-old woman, setting the record for the world's largest completely removed sacral tumor. 

Local scientists make groundbreaking virus discovery

Local scientists have transformed the traditional understanding of the origin and evolution of RNA viruses in a paper published by world-leading journal Nature on Thursday.

City's trio of killer diseases

Shanghai's top three killers are tumors and diseases of the circulatory and respiratory systems, an annual health conference heard yesterday. 

National skin care week aims to improve awareness of fungal infections

Poor awareness and poor patient compliance are leading reasons for the high incidence and frequent relapse of skin diseases in China, doctors said.

City's first medical cloud system a boon for patients and doctors alike

The city's first long-distance medical cloud system allowing hospitals to share real-time information has been established.