District hospitals to serve as regional medical centers

Cai Wenjun
Regional medical centers have designated 49 district-level hospitals with the primary goal of providing residents with high-quality health care.
Cai Wenjun

Local health authorities are transforming district hospitals into regional medical centers.

According to the Shanghai Health Commission, 49 district-level hospitals have so far met the requirements and received regional medical center designations, with the main objectives being to provide high-quality health care to residents and act as a link to city-level hospitals and neighborhood health centers for improved medical resource use and public health reform.

These hospitals will treat patients suffering heart attacks, strokes, and trauma, as well as paediatrics and prenatal care. They will establish a comprehensive model that will allow residents to obtain all necessary and crucial services close to home.

District hospitals to serve as regional medical centers
Ti Gong

The Xuhui District Central Hospital is moved from downtown Huaihai Road to Longchuan Road N and become a medical center in the south part of Xuhui District.

District-level hospitals, on the other hand, serve as bridges between senior institutions by facilitating complex patient transfers, remote consultation, patient screening, and education through resource sharing with leading hospitals. They are also responsible for providing long-distance service, health consultation, and health management to enhance the capacity of community-based health facilities.

City-level hospitals will focus on complex cases and academic research, district-level hospitals will provide comprehensive and common services; and community health clinics will cover basic service demands and provide health education.

For instance, the district's southern medical hub, the Xuhui District Central Hospital, recently moved from downtown Huaihai Road to Longchuan Road N. It fills a gap in the region's comprehensive medical services, significantly alleviating nearby residents' health concerns.

The Xuhui District Health Commission reported that it has two regional medical centers to satisfy the needs of its residents: the Xuhui District Central Hospital and the Shanghai Eighth People's Hospital. A district-level rehabilitation and maternity hospital will open by the end of the year.

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