Suspected murderer flees scene and commits suicide, police say

One died and 13 were injured after Beijing scissor attack and hit and run — the suspects body was later discovered in a mountain area.

A man who was accused of killing one person and injuring 13 others in Beijing has committed suicide, police said today.

Wang Shanwen, 38, from Heilongjiang Province, was suspected of stabbing five people with a pair of scissors at a concrete mixing station in suburban Miyun District around 3pm on July 23, police said on their official microblog account today.

Wang is then alleged to have fled the scene in a van, knocking down nine people in the process, one of whom later died due to injuries sustained.

Police discovered a male body in a mountain in Miyun around 2pm on July 24. The forensic department identified the body as Wang and ruled his death as a suicide.

Further investigation is underway.

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