Shanghai announces booster shot, vaccination plans for Taiwan residents

Zhang Long
Shanghai's adult and underage residents from Taiwan will be able to make reservations for booster shots and vaccinations against COVID-19, respectively, starting from Monday night.
Zhang Long

Shanghai government on Monday announced booster shot plans for the city's Taiwan residents who are over 18 years old, starting from 8pm on Monday; and vaccination plans for Taiwan residents aged between 3 and 11, which kicks off on Tuesday.

Taiwan residents who hold the Mainland Travel Permit can make vaccination and booster shot reservations on Shanghai's health cloud app Jiankangyun.

Parents and guardians of children who are in the above age group will have to make reservations on their behalf and provide information such as the parents' and guardians' names, identity document numbers and contact info.

In principle, Taiwan residents who need the booster shot and are aged over 18 will have to get the same vaccine as their last one; those aged 3 to 11 can only get vaccines developed by the Beijing Bio-Institute of National Vaccine & Serum Institute, and Sinovac Life Sciences Co Ltd.

The vaccines and booster shots are free for Taiwan compatriots in the city.

Residents who make the vaccination reservations must bring their Mainland Travel Permit or their identification document to designated vaccination venues. They have to produce the bar codes they received when making the reservation and sign an informed consent form before inoculation.

Children must be accompanied by parents or guardians.

Taiwan residents can scan the QR code below to make reservations for the vaccines and booster shots.

Shanghai announces booster shot, vaccination plans for Taiwan residents

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