Forging strong diplomatic ties the only way to overcome global crises

Carlos Sentís
Globalization has been a driving force behind the pillars of growth, development, and well-being for humanity, says Carlos Sentís, founder and CEO of World Innovation Alliance.
Carlos Sentís

Globalization has been a driving force behind the pillars of growth, development and well-being for humanity. It has allowed individuals and organizations from different countries and perspectives to create value through mutually beneficial cooperation.

These interactions, such as economic collaboration, shared innovation, open borders and cultural exchange, are fundamental for human prosperity and peace.

As a global citizen interested in connecting with people from other cultures, nationalities and backgrounds, I have devoted my career to creating collaborations between companies, institutions and individuals from all over the world.

Forging strong diplomatic ties the only way to overcome global crises

Carlos Sentís, founder and CEO of World Innovation Alliance

In 2008, I visited China for the first time and discovered its critical role, huge potential, and depth of culture, which led me to learn Mandarin. After two years of learning the language and finding the love of my life, my wife and mother of our daughter Ariana, we started a new venture with my father to create deeper and more beneficial relations between companies, institutions and peoples of the West and China.

Forging strong diplomatic ties the only way to overcome global crises

Carlos Sentís poses with his wife and daughter Ariana.

Under my father's leadership, we created an international relations firm that specializes in bringing together distant cultures, bridging high-level stakeholders from different countries, and creating opportunities for mutual benefit by connecting public and private organizations through communication and human connections.

For years, we worked on high-level meetings, delegations, events, communications, tourism, commerce, industry, investment and nation-building, bringing together likely partners that could create more by working together based in Madrid, the Spanish capital.

We did our best to create valuable exchanges between companies and institutions from Spain and other Western countries and China, and we were proud to have a role in solving problems and creating synergies and opportunities for closer relations. We were able to advocate closer relations and met thousands of friends who told us so much and allowed us to see new spaces of mutually beneficial collaboration.

For over 10 years, we have engaged with the public and private sectors in China and have received a number of recognitions, including European young leader by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China and China tourism ambassador.

We have worked with the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism, promoting the beauty and culture of dozens of destinations in China. And also with the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Spanish companies and institutions, promoting the value of Spain and Spanish companies in the Chinese market.

We were fortunate to work for more than 100 large companies and institutions, gained prestige and recognition as indispensable problem solvers in a uniquely critical market, and enjoyed a certain degree of success that would have never been possible without the support and contributions of thousands of allies, partners, customers and friends. We campaigned for mutual understanding, cultural respect and great economic opportunities in all sectors.

Amidst the current political tensions and multiple crises, including climate change, job scarcity, security issues, energy pricing crises, and technological disruptions, we must acknowledge that progress requires collaboration and no one has all the answers. We cannot allow political interests to impede the prosperity, well-being, and rights of our people. Hence, it is crucial to promote more collaboration and understanding than ever before to address the challenges ahead.

Forging strong diplomatic ties the only way to overcome global crises
Ti Gong

Carlos Sentís is interviewed by China Central Television.

To tackle these issues and expand our international relations firm, we established the World Innovation Alliance, building a global network of experts from over 150 different countries, influential companies and institutions for social good.

Our mission is to improve the lives of people worldwide through human connections and collaboration. We leverage technology and innovation to create scalable solutions to address the world's greatest problems one task at a time. Our alliance brings together organizations and individuals from all sectors to create a positive impact that benefits all stakeholders.

As we mark the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Spain and China, the celebration must be accompanied with further dialogue, understanding collaboration and a moment to reflect on the world we want.

International relations are vital for stability, peace and progress. I believe we all have to play a role in improving relations with other nations, looking for opportunities for growth by learning from other cultures, creating new friendships and even new families.

Globalization and international, multidisciplinary and multi-stakeholder collaboration are more critical than ever. Everything is at stake. We must assume full responsibility and work together to create the conditions for stronger, more resilient, sustainable economies.

The world I envision for my daughter is one where human connections, well-being and prosperity become paramount, and where leaders and citizens make decisions based on the greater good, recognizing that we are not perfect but always striving to improve ourselves, our nations, our relations and the world.

(The author is founder and CEO of World Innovation Alliance. He is also a university lecturer, adviser and international speaker.)

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