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Rare exhibit by 'the last master of neoclassicism'

A rare collection by "the last master of neoclassicism" is being exhibited at Zhejiang Art Museum through to July 21.

Heqiao celebrates its ancient cultural heritage with a folk art festival

Heqiao sparked a celebration of its long cultural heritage when it kicked off its very first folk art festival last weekend in the ancient town.

Zhijiang Road, a walk on the historical riverside

Visitors may usually head for the West Lake, but a journey along the banks of the Qiantang River should also be on their itinerary

Regeneration and reinvention of Hangzhou's wet markets

The Hangzhou government has always seen the upgrading of wet markets as an important part for improving people's livelihood.

Intelligent facial recognition system installed in Hangzhou high school

A high school in Hangzhou has introduced a facial recognition system in its classroom to increase engagement and facilitate teaching administration.

Hangzhou's most sought-after early summer foods

The summer season serves up an abundant choice of food. Shanghai Daily reporter Shi Jia hits the foodie trail to check out some of the favorites enjoyed by locals in Hangzhou.

Photography festival captures a snap of history

The Hangzhou Citizen Photography Festival is being held in Gushan Park from May 17 to 21. More than 5,000 works have been selected from over 30,000 pieces of submission by people.
Art & Culture

Innovation key to future of design industry

A professor of industrial design has criticized over-enthusiasm in China for foreign design awards which allows applicants to participate in several categories and charge fees.
Art & Culture

Exposition showcases history of ancient wood carving art

The National Wetland Museum of China has recently opened its doors on an intriguing exhibition revealing a thousand years of wood carving art.

Hangzhou gardens standing the tests of time

Shanghai Daily takes a close look at three gardens spread in close proximity along the shady Yanggong Causeway in Hangzhou