Shi Jia

Art & Culture

Woodblock master keeping ancient craft alive

A Hangzhou woodblock-print master is keeping the ancient craft alive in a bid to preserve the historical art form for generations to come.
Art & Culture

Museum tells the story of a great philosopher

The thought and teachings of neo-Confucian Wang Yangming, who believed that the mind shaped the world, were highly influential across many generations.
Art & Culture

Hangzhou cartoon festival opening soon

The 15th Hangzhou International Cartoon & Animation Festival is set to kick off on April 30.

Kiwis eek out narrow win at first China-New Zealand junior golf match

Bolstered by local efforts to cultivate young talent, more Chinese youth are hitting the links and competing as top professionals.
Art & Culture

River chiefs clean up in Jianggan District

At 72, Xu Huifen is just one of more than 70 river chiefs in the Hangzhou district, helping to improve the environment and raise the quality of water in its rivers. 
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Construction of ambitious cultural project begins

Museum of intangible heritage will be a highlight of a complex being built beside the Qiantang River which is expected to be complete by 2022. 

Fuyang building links with urban families

A project that is forging partnerships between town and country residents is expected to bring a new vitality to villages in southwest Hangzhou.
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Yueju opera festival opens in the Shengzhou aria

The Glamorous Yueju Opera Cultural and Tourism Week has kicked off in Shengzhou, Zhejiang Province.
Art & Culture

Hangzhou archive honors the Qian family

Lin'an Museum, designed by Wang Shu, the first Chinese winner of the Pritzker Prize, has three exhibition halls with a total floor area of 10,500 square meters.
Art & Culture

Museum focuses on the birth of photography

The 1826 Photography Museum pays tribute to the history of pre-digital photography with its collection of over 2,500 cameras, historic negatives and photographs.