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Art & Culture

Exhibition of unearthed artifacts reveal life and times of Zhejiang's historical past

A fascinating exhibition illustrating the life and ethos of people living in Zhejiang Province is now open.

Making waves and flying the flag of the 2022 Asian Games

The 19th Asian Games 2022 emblem was launched on Monday in its host city of Hangzhou.
Art & Culture

Zhang Daqian, painter who journeyed between East and West

New exhibition reveals some fascinating insights into the famous painter, his life and loves.
Art & Culture

Showing off the treasures of Qiantang

The second Qiantang River Cultural Festival has kicked off in Hangzhou.
Art & Culture

"Forecasting" a relationship between viewers and the virtual community

"Forecasting" delves into the world of YouTube video makers and contemplates on the relationship between viewers and a virtual community.
Art & Culture

Innovative artists making art from trash

An exhibition showing how our daily trash can be transformed into art is being held at National Wetland Museum of China.
Art & Culture

Exhibition exploring a web of fabric and lace

An exhibition at the Textile Library in Hangzhou is exploring the craft and intricacies of old fabric and how it evolved into new fashion designs inspired by lace.
Art & Culture

Rare exhibit by 'the last master of neoclassicism'

A rare collection by "the last master of neoclassicism" is being exhibited at Zhejiang Art Museum through to July 21.

Heqiao celebrates its ancient cultural heritage with a folk art festival

Heqiao sparked a celebration of its long cultural heritage when it kicked off its very first folk art festival last weekend in the ancient town.

Zhijiang Road, a walk on the historical riverside

Visitors may usually head for the West Lake, but a journey along the banks of the Qiantang River should also be on their itinerary