Shi Jia

Art & Culture

Zhejiang Library brings books back to life

Conservators are hard at work restoring volumes which are part of the library's collection of over a million ancient and rare books and publications.
Art & Culture

Exhibition reveals past and present of West Lake

Research team's discoveries, including rubbings of some rarely known inscriptions, field work photos and a documentary video, are on show in Hangzhou.

Hangzhou volunteers ease the journeys home

An estimated 24,131,000 passengers will travel by rail during the chunyun period in Zhejiang Province, an 8.8 percent increase over last year. 


Haining accelerates its development in a more integrated Yangtze River Delta

How to leverage its geographic advantages and keep paces with its neighbors have long been taken as an important strategy for local government.
Art & Culture

Recreating ancient brocade to preserve history

On "National Treasure Season 2," a China National Silk Museum director revealed how a Han Dynasty pattern loom replica could recreate an historic brocade made 2,000 years ago.

Zhejiang drugs cut cancer treatment's costs

Hangzhou attracts emerging pharmaceutical companies and draws investment in a rapidly expanding market.
Art & Culture

Xiaofeng Bookstore opens a new chapter

Since its establishment in 1996, Xiaofeng has become a cultural landmark in a city where residents have a never-ending aspiration for knowledge, art and a intellectual pleasure.
Art & Culture

University museums gaining ground in China

University museums may be in vogue but they suffer from a shortage of manpower and funds despite the fact that they have additional responsibilities.

Hangzhou on top of the world

Stadium filled with cheers for successful international swimming event seen as a prelude to the 2022 Asian Games and a great advertisement for the city.

'City brain' a smart way to bypass traffic

Nearly 150 delegates and invited guests from over 20 countries attended the first general assembly of the Belt and Road Local Cooperation Committee recently held in Hangzhou.