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Art & Culture

Keeping traditional cultural heritage alive

The 2018 China Craft Week, held in Hangzhou, showcased the best craftspeople in both China and abroad.
Art & Culture

Pipe organist calls the tune in celebration of China's friendship with Hungary

An organ concert celebrating the friendly relationship between China and Hungary was held at the Hangzhou Grand Theater on Saturday.

Putting irresponsible dog owners on a leash

A new campaign has been launched in Hangzhou, east China's Zhejiang Province, to administer harsher penalties on undisciplined dog owners.

International trailwalk takes in iconic landmarks

The 2018 International Trailwalk Conference kicked off in Hangzhou on Sunday, November 10, near the west side of Qiantang River.


The i-store, revolutionizing retail business

Alibaba Group vice president Xiao Lihua revealed a new type of retail business at the opening of 2018 International E-business Expo held in Hangzhou – the i-store.

Making it easier for patients to see a doctor

A health service center's family doctor program launched in 2014 is improving its services and attracting more residents to sign up

Chengdu has pandas and much more ...

Chengdu has long been famous for its adorable pandas, mouth-numbing spicy Sichuan cuisine and fiery hotpot. But if offers so much more to business and the international community.
Art & Culture

Two artists meeting across time and space

An exhibition gathers over 300 artworks and documents from Feng Zikai and those who influenced and befriended him.

Journey to the northwest is a trip into history

Traveling by coach on a deserted highway is a prelude to a tale of three cities and their illustrious past, from Buddhist grottoes dug to the birthplace of Kublai Khan. 
Art & Culture

Artists etch names on seal engraving prize

An China Academy of Art teacher shared first prize with two other talented artists at the second Qiantang River National Seal Engraving competition.