Divorce test creators hope to help couples 'redeem' their marriages

Zheng Qiong
Zheng Qiong
A civil affairs bureau in east China has recently released a "divorce paper" for couples who are ready to call it quits.
Zheng Qiong
Zheng Qiong

A civil affairs bureau in east China has recently released a “divorce paper” for couples who are ready to call it quits.

The full score for the divorce paper is 100, and questions include quizzes on important dates, and other emotional issues between couples. 

It aimed to test people’s feelings, and offers couples a chance to "redeem their marriages," said the civil affairs bureau of Donghai County in Lianyungang City of Jiangsu Province.

“This is a questionnaire, not an exam paper," said Liu Chunling, director of the marriage registration office in Donghai on Tuesday. "We want to know the real problems between couples in their marriage, and this also offers us a way to mediate.” 

This divorce test has aroused a heated debate among Chinese netizens, leading a discussion in different ways. 

“Some people will break their marriages impulsively, so I think this kind of test can calm people down and it may probably redeem their marriages.” A Weibo user shared her opinion.

“I think people can decide their marriages by themselves. There is no need to do such a test,” another user held an opposite opinion. 

What do you think? Try out the test for yourself below.

Divorce test: See how well you do...

Part 1: Blank Filling (40 points)
1. When is your wedding anniversary?
2. When is your husband/wife’s birthday?
3. When is your kid’s birthday?
4. What is your husband/wife’s favorite food?
5. What is your kid’s favorite food?
6. When was the last communication between you and your husband/wife?
7. When is your husband/wife’s parents’ birthday?
8. How many times have you traveled with your family?
9. How long were you together before you and your husband/wife got married?
10. Who does the housework in your house?

Part 2: Short Answers (40 points)
1. Share the happiest memory with you husband/wife.
2. What is the biggest contradiction or divergence between you and your husband/wife?
3. In your family, what kind of role do you play? Share something you do well and badly for your family.
4. What kind of role does your husband/wife play in your family? Share something he/she does well and badly for you family.

Part3: Statement Questions (20 points)
1. Make a brief answer about your ideas on marriage and family, and give a reason why you want to divorce, then share your plans for the future.

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