Special solo soothes depressed patient in ICU

Chen Xiaoli
A special solo with only one audience took place in an ICU in east China on May 25.
Chen Xiaoli
Special solo soothes depressed patient in ICU

This is a special solo performance for a single audience member inside an intensive care unit in east China on May 25.

The performer was a young doctor at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine in Hangzhou, while the audience member was a patient whose alias is Hua Ning, Qianjiang Evening News reported.

Hua, 44, who has battled with heart disease for over 20 years, was sent to the hospital due to cardiac shock on May 8.

Though doctors connected her with an artificial heart-lung device to keep her alive, the only long-term solution is to have a heart transplant.

The long wait for a donor heart led Hua to experience nightmares and mental breakdowns, to the point where she even refused treatment.

On May 25, the depressed woman asked if she could listen to a song when she overheard that a young doctor was practicing pipa every day.

The director of the ICU soon asked the doctor, Zhang Xinyi, to perform for her, hoping that the music might help her relax.

Zhang, 27, started to play pipa, a Chinese stringed instrument, at the age of 8.

When Zhang brought her instrument to Hua's ward, she immediately recognized that she was one of the rescue crew helping the woman after her cardiac shock. She was glad she could help a little more in Hua's comfort.

Zhang performed a lively song for Hua who gave a thumbs-up to show how touched she was by the beautiful music.

Hua's mood began to change and her sleep quality has improved too. She is now cooperating well with doctors while continuing her wait for a new heart.

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