Internet celebrity accused of assaulting pregnant woman

Police have released their latest investigation results in a case in which an Internet celebrity was accused of assaulting a pregnant woman in a dispute over a pet dog.

A picture of the pregnant woman in hospital that was posted on her Weibo.

Police in east China on Tuesday released the latest in an ongoing investigation of a case in which an Internet celebrity was accused of assaulting a pregnant woman over a pet dog.

Binjiang police in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, said in a statement that they received a report around 8pm on September 7 that some people were fighting in a housing complex.

After rushing to the scene, they found that a woman, surnamed Chen, and her mother, surnamed Shi, had got into a physical altercation with a pregnant woman, surnamed Yang, and her husband after a quarrel over a pet dog.

Chen is a Weibo fashion celebrity who has more than 3.3 million followers.

A screen shot of Chen's Weibo account.

No obvious injuries could be seen on either side, but Yang felt "under the weather" due to the stress and was rushed to hospital, police said.

Chen and her mother were asked to go to the police station that night.

Yang's post, which includes a medical report regarding her pregnancy after the incident.

Yang, 32 weeks pregnant, posted on Weibo about the incident on September 9, claiming that Chen's dog, which was not leashed at the time, suddenly rushed at her when she was walking with her husband.

To protect themselves, her husband kicked the dog away, which angered Chen and led to a quarrel that soon turned physical. Shi didn't attempt to stop her daughter, instead joining in, according to the post.

After investigation, police detained the blogger's mother on suspicion of impeding law enforcement.

Meanwhile, they have "basically" ascertained that Chen intentionally injured Yang, however they will wait for the results of her physical checkup before proceeding further.

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