Mother apologizes for kicking daughter

Netizens were up in arms over a video which showed a woman booting her young daughter during a modeling session in Hangzhou.
Mother apologizes for kicking daughter

A woman apologized on Wednesday after a video of her kicking her child sparked outrage on social media, Beijing Youth Daily reported.

In a video clip which circulated heavily online on Tuesday, a woman can be seen kicking a child who was modeling for photos. The incident apparently occurred in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.

Some media reports on the incident quoted an online merchant who claimed that the girl in question is known as Niu Niu, while the woman who kicked her is her mother. Niu Niu has modeled clothing for several children's clothing shops and regularly works as a model.

The video ignited a fury among Chinese netizens, many of whom criticized the mother for abusing her child. Some also questioned whether the woman was exploiting her daughter to make money, or depriving the girl of a normal childhood.

Niu Niu's mother issued an apology on Weibo on Wednesday and said she didn't intend to harm her child. 

"The action in the video... totally had no intention to hurt my child. I'm so sorry for making such a misunderstanding...My daughter is my close kin. She absolutely has received the best care and love," the woman wrote.

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