Xu Lingchao

Metro Reporter

Woman apologizes for train incident

Passenger who refused to move seats poured water over passengers trying to film her 

Shanghai-HK high-speed train launched

The first high-speed train connecting Shanghai with Hong Kong left Hongqiao Railway Station at 2:10pm yesterday with more than 1,000 passengers.

Didi's overhaul again fails to pass inspection

Didi Chuxing failed to meet the authorities' demand on overhauling its operations in Shanghai, said the city's traffic authority over the weekend.

2 safety accidents at construction sites in 10 days

Shanghai Administration of Work Safety urged construction sites in the city to pay further attention and take precautions after seven people were killed in accidents since Sept.10.

Workers killed in construction site accident

Four workers were killed in an accident at a sewage treatment plant under construction on Beidi Road in Changning District.

Road opening to ease congestion

Shanghai-Changzhou Expressway gives more options to Qingpu and Minhang residents.

City reduces threshold for lifts to go up

As the need for elevators in old buildings is becomes more urgent, installation procedures are being streamlined

Quintuple winner to share luck

The winner of a 31.9 million yuan (US$ 4.6 million) jackpot in the China Welfare Lottery has donated 500,000 yuan to a local charity.

Didi submits enormous heap of paperwork

The transportation commission has busted 97 unqualified Didi drivers since September 7.

Shanghai Metro: from nothing to world leader

Covering 673 kilometers of tracks and 395 stations, the city's Metro network is the largest in the world, and getting bigger.