Intelligent sensor industrial park opens in Jiading

Xu Lingchao
Over 30 companies have agreed to settle in the new park, where local officials are offering a range of financial and policy incentives.
Xu Lingchao

A new industrial park focused on developing intelligent sensors and related industries was unveiled in Jiading District on Tuesday.

A total of 32 companies signed agreements with the park and became its first batch of occupants. The total investment from these companies equals 24.8 billion yuan (US$3.5 billion).

Intelligent sensors are used in products and devices ranging from satellites and automobiles, to smartphones and children's toys.

Jiading also released 39 new preferential policies to help companies in the park with financing, research, recruitment and communication.

To encourage industry mergers and consolidation, park administrators will offer incentives up to 10 million yuan.

When start-ups in the park record annual turnover of 100 million yuan, bonuses of 500,000 yuan will also be offered.

Meanwhile, the park will provide facilities to house professionals working in the industry.

Shen Huadi, head of Jiading, said policies to woo companies are just the first step.

“We've also invited scientists and industry participants to form a think tank to provide consultation services to companies,” he said.

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