Zhang Ningning

Metro Reporter
Art & Culture

Giving ancient books, documents new life

Book bindings and manuscript pages are vulnerable to the ravages of time. Ensuring that the classics of the past are not lost is the job of Zhang Pinfang.

Exhibition on Soong Ching-ling to tell new stories

The exhibits include Soong's personal belongings, her letters, and gifts to the children of her staffers, to show an unrecognized side of her daily life.

New nanowire technology offers hope for safer phone batteries

The nanowire-based separators in the lithium-ion batteries are expected to operate in a more stable manner and under higher temperatures, helping to prevent battery explosions.

12 fish species reappear in the mouth of Yangtze River

Their appearance points to the improvement of the eco-environment of the Yangtze River estuary after years of efforts.

Lucky yellow minivan taxis falling short on supply

The demand for seven-passenger taxis exceeds supply, advanced booking is recommended but may not necessarily help. 

Illegal construction built in bike garages removed

Local authorities in Putuo District are demolishing illegal constructions built in bike garages in a residential community.

Illegally transported fireworks spotted as driver misled by GPS

A driver who illegally transported 66 boxes of fireworks was spotted as he accidentally drove through a checkpoint in Shanghai after the navigation system went wrong.

Seat selection for high-speed trains now available online

Passengers are able to select seats when purchasing train tickets online from today.

Shanghai's buses getting greener, smarter

The city transport authorities want emission-less buses and comprehensive Wi-Fi cover to create a cutting edge public transport system.

Taxis to post new rules for drivers, passengers

The new notices should be in place on the back of drivers' seats by October 18, outlining behavior for drivers and passengers. It is the first update since 2008.