Zheng Qiong

iDEAL Reporter

Food and film, a perfect cinematic combo

The guide team has prepared a food list covering several restaurants close to the three main cinemas to ensure you get the most from the 2018 Shanghai International Film Festival.

Boy with cerebral palsy perseveres thanks to family and classmates

The story of an elementary school student with cerebral palsy in east China has warmed the hearts of netizens.

Old man thrills China's netizens with his drive to master English

He was discovered by media writing English on the streets of Harbin with chalk. When they dug deeper, they found a passion to learn that many half his age lack.

Retired rubbish collector spends time teaching students to play mandolin

A 66-year-old former rubbish collector in south China who plays instruments on the street and teaches 40 students for free has received high praise from netizens.

Man rushes to save boy after falling into West Lake

A man in east China rushed to save a boy who accidentally fell into the West Lake on May 26, Zhejiang's zjol.com reported.

A wealth of activities to kick off new season

Summer is in the mail and the sun is brighter. As usual, we have selected some amazing exhibitions, wonderful music performances and thought-provoking drama shows for you to enjoy. 

Nursing major takes care of sick family members while studying

A 20-year-old university student in southwest China who looks after her sick father and grandmother has tugged at the heart strings of China's netizens.

Divorce test creators hope to help couples 'redeem' their marriages

A civil affairs bureau in east China has recently released a "divorce paper" for couples who are ready to call it quits.

It's getting hot in the city, so go and chill out

The Guide has a wonderful list for you including unique exhibitions, exciting music performances and captivating drama shows. Go and enjoy this beautiful May. 

Helping hands give what's needed to Shanghai's homeless

Sean Pang from Singapore is one of the founders of Kechara Soup Kitchen, a grassroots, non-profit group aiming to distribute free hot meals and necessities to Shanghai's homeless.