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A chemical consultant with a passion for birds and mud

Every sunny day, Kai Plfug gets up around 5am, sometimes, much earlier, drives to Nanhui, caring his big camera with a huge lens.
Art & Culture

Shanghai inkstone sculpture: A thing of beauty that helps create beauty

In many Chinese calligraphers and painters' hearts, ink slabs are a precious and indispensable article of the writing table.

All's fair in love and war for Brit art teacher

As a former British Royal Marine, it is fair to say Ian Smith has dodged a few bullets in his time. 

Springtime is more than a stroll in the parks

The smell of spring is getting stronger. March is almost here. Joan Zheng has prepared a list of activities for you to enjoy next month. 

Brit's sweet tooth for Candy and Shanghai

With a catchy Chinese name "泰山," or taishan, similar to the name of a famous mountain in China, British man Chris Attwell, looks passionate and approachable.


This Chinese New Year, try out some famous local delicacies

The Chinese New Year falls on February 5 this year. A major part of the Lunar New Year is nianyefan, which is the most important family gathering.

Musicals, masterpieces and fine dining

February is almost here. And with the Chinese New Year around the corner, there are still a number of activities for us to enjoy.

Stolen Safe Returned After Thief Fails to Get in

The director of a clothing factory in China's Hangzhou called the police about a missing safe, but it was soon returned by the thief...

Woman Refuses to Scan Veges at Security Checkpoint

A woman in China's Zhongshan refused to put her vegetables through a railway station security X-ray machine, worried the radiation might be sucked into her food.

Man Performs CPR on Dead Puppy

A dog who had just given birth to a litter of puppies sat patiently by as her owner performed CPR on one that had stopped breathing.