Zheng Qiong

iDEAL Reporter

Woman Runs Into Path of Moving Bus During Lovers' Tiff

A woman in China's Shandong Province ran into the path of a moving bus recently while arguing with her boyfriend. 

Siblings Fall Victim to Online Fraud, Twice

A woman in Suzhou tried to get her brother's money back after he was swindled online.

Deliveryman Catches Baby After Fall From Building

A deliveryman in Guangdong Province heard a baby crying while on a delivery recently, only to look up and see a baby dangling from a balcony...

Durian, the stinky but delicious king of fruits

Many of us have a love-hate relationship with durian. Despite its lovely taste, its foul smell discourages many people from even trying it.

An autumn of ultra cool music to warm jazz

September is coming. Autumn is almost here, although the weather is still hot. As usual, the Shanghai Daily's guide team has prepared an event list  for you to enjoy this autumn.
Art & Culture

The shape of sound: Tang and his guitar making journey

Handcrafted guitar making requires a series of complicated processes and, more importantly, complete patience and concentration.

Surreal art, music, award-winning drama

August is knocking on the door and, as usual, the guide team has prepared a wonderful events list to help you cool down in the summer heat.

Young girl faints after drinking clinic-prescribed medicine

A young girl fainted after drinking cough medicine given to her in a neighborhood clinic recently. 

Teenage boy asks Metro staff for help taking grandma to toilet

A 16-year-old boy faced a dilemma he probably hadn't encountered before while he was taking his disabled grandmother on a long distance train journey – she needed to use the loo.

Beijing food delivery guy tries to fight mother nature

A Beijing food delivery guy thought he could get one up on Mother Nature after flooding caused a street on his route to become blocked. Who will win?