Zheng Qiong

iDEAL Reporter

Stolen Safe Returned After Thief Fails to Get in

The director of a clothing factory in China's Hangzhou called the police about a missing safe, but it was soon returned by the thief...

Woman Refuses to Scan Veges at Security Checkpoint

A woman in China's Zhongshan refused to put her vegetables through a railway station security X-ray machine, worried the radiation might be sucked into her food.

Man Performs CPR on Dead Puppy

A dog who had just given birth to a litter of puppies sat patiently by as her owner performed CPR on one that had stopped breathing.

Police Offer Runaway Hot Meal Before Calling Father

A video of a young boy eating dinner with several police officers aroused netizens' attention recently.

Slippery Tour Operator Evades Police

A man running an illegal tour operation in China's snowy northeast evaded police on December 29.

Freak Car Accident Kills One

A freak car accident happened on the night of January 7 in China's Sichuan Province, leaving one dead.

Tower Protester Sentenced to Jail

A man in China's Xi'an who climbed a high voltage tower in protest of a court's judgment was sentenced to more than 2 years behind bars.

Between worlds: the Filipino-Japanese living it up in Shanghai

With a formal black shirt and grey pants, Mario San Pedro Yamaura, a young man who is half Japanese and half Filipino, looks crisp and professional.

Lured to Shanghai by its enterprising spirit

With his tall and strong physique, Casper Tollerud from Denmark fits our imagination of Nordic people.

Making the most of the Christmas spirit with best of music

The festive season and the New Year is upon us and Joan Zheng brings together some of the top-rated activities in the city.