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Mythology of China

Myths helped explain the world for ancient humans. Most ancient civilizations enjoyed their own versions of how the world began and how people first inhabited it, so did the Chinese. This series explores some of the most widely spread versions of Chinese myths.
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Legend of the Silkworm God

An emperor's proposal after meeting the beautiful Leizu led to the spread of silkworm raising throughout China.
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Tales of the 3 emperor's daughters

Mulberry, Spirit and Bird suffered misfortune, yet their inspiring deeds greatly benefited the human race.
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Tribal leader laid down his life for medicine

An ancient Chinese legend tells the tale of Shennong who searched the world for herbs that would save his people from disease.
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The magical seeds which created ancient China's farms

Relying on nature to provide food wasn't sustainable, so Emperor Yan took his people on a quest.
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Nuwa mends a hole in the sky

When heaven and Earth were in serious disruption due to a number of catastrophes, Nuwa saved the day and made the world reborn.
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Netting their food without hands

When the angry Dragon King set a difficult task for the leader of the humans he failed to take account of man's ingenuity.
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Coming to terms with the changing seasons

Chinese people have long been used to dividing a year into 24 solar terms. The calendar is believed to have originated with just eight solar terms created in ancient times. 
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Explaining the world in eight diagrams

A mysterious map said to be created by Fuxi, the first man in the world, tries to explain the fundamental rules of the universe. 
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Why humans pushed heaven farther away

The death of a nine-head bird after the first bow and arrow was invented sparked an invasion of monsters and efforts to separate heaven and earth. 
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The divine birds that overcame obstacles

Vulnerable to the elements and fierce beasts, early humans were inspired by nature to find solutions as they faced troubles when they headed west led by the world's first couple.