AIA teams up with WeDoctor to tap China's huge healthcare market

Tracy Li
AIA Group announced a partnership today with WeDoctor, aiming to provide innovative quality health and wellness offerings and financial protection solutions for Chinese consumers. 
Tracy Li

AIA Group announced a strategic partnership today with China’s leading technology-enabled healthcare solutions platform WeDoctor Holdings Ltd, aiming to provide innovative quality health and wellness offerings, as well as financial protection solutions for Chinese consumers.

With the agreement, the insurance giant’s customers will gain preferred access to WeDoctor’s leading healthcare services including appointment making, online consultation and offline clinics, as well as its network of 2,700 top-tier hospitals, 220,000 doctors, and over 15,000 pharmacies in 30 provinces across China.

AIA will become WeDoctor’s preferred provider of life and health insurance solutions. Over 110 million registered customers of the healthcare service provider will be able to access AIA’s protection solutions in areas where its China company operates, helping to reduce the protection gap for millions of WeDoctor users.

AIA said it also made a concurrent minority equity investment in WeDoctor to further solidify the relationship and commitments of their cooperation.

Through this partnership, the two companies will combine to develop innovative health and wellness services and protection solutions that will enhance their respective leadership positions in both China and across the Asia-Pacific region, according to John Cai, regional chief executive of AIA Group.

Jerry Liao, chairman and chief executive officer of WeDoctor, said that the alliance will help expand their international presence “in the years to come” by leveraging AIA’s long history and extensive operations across the Asia Pacific region.

Founded in 2010, WeDoctor operates four main business segments, namely, WeDoctor Healthcare, WeDoctor Cloud, WeDoctor Insurance, and WeDoctor Pharma.

The firm aims to bring together government, hospitals, doctors, pharmaceutical companies and financial institutions to create an innovative and holistic healthcare provision and funding ecosystem.

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