Ping An Insurance goes smart for Spring Festival

Ping An Property and Casualty Insurance will launch a new smart solution nationwide tomorrow to make it easier for car owners to make claims after an accident.

Ping An Property and Casualty Insurance Company of China is launching a new smart solution nationwide tomorrow to help car owners make claims if they have an accident during next month's Spring Festival.

After testing in Guangdong Province last month, the system will go online across the country.

Drivers can make claims up to a certain level, which is related to their driving history — including traffic violations and credit records.

All they need to do after a car accident is to report the case to the insurer, upload relevant photos and confirm the compensation online. The whole process will save a lot of manual work, the Shenzhen-based insurance company said.

Car owners can check their credit quota via a special mobile application developed by the insurance giant as well as the company’s mini app on Wechat.

And the quota will change dynamically based on big data like the users’ driving behavior.

Good drivers will earn more grades by safe driving habits and making donations while those who commit transgressions such as fraud will see their credit quota canceled.

Industry experts believe that the credit-based compensation service will break the “trust barrier” between insurance companies and their clients. 

And the move will reward people with safe driving habits, help upgrade the service capability of the whole industry and improve public transportation safety.

Zhu Yougang, deputy managing director of Ping An Property and Casualty Insurance, said that the solution aims to encourage more safe driving during the upcoming New Year holiday.

This new service puts more responsibility in the hands of car-owners themselves and will be more efficient for both sides, said Zhu.

Also, Ping An Property and Casualty Insurance introduced an accidental plan to protect people against death and disability while taking public transport and such damages caused by major public safety accidents.

Zhao Li, general manager of the non-auto insurance business line for retail customers at the Shanghai branch of Ping An Property and Casualty Insurance, said the company will return all the surplus from the product to the renewal policy-holders after deducting annual fixed costs such as outstanding compensation, operating cost and other taxes.

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