LinkedIn to close job app on Chinese mainland

Zhu Shenshen
LinkedIn announced that it will close its job app on the Chinese mainland, amidst fierce competition. It will now focus on helping Chinese companies recruit overseas talent.
Zhu Shenshen
LinkedIn to close job app on Chinese mainland
Ti Gong

LinkedIn's InCareer app was released in 2021.

LinkedIn, now owned by Microsoft, announced on Tuesday to close its jobs app on the Chinese mainland by August 9, citing reasons as "fierce competition and a challenging macroeconomic climate."

The company will phase out its local app InCareer by August 9 this year and reduce the size of its Chinese team, according to a statement released on social media including Weibo and WeChat.

It will transfer its focus to helping Chinese enterprises with international talent recruitment in the global labor market, and support their development in the overseas markets, it said.

Globally, the company will cut 716 jobs to join the layoff wave in the tech industry, it announced on Monday.

"Though InCareer experienced some success in the past year thanks to our strong China-based team, it also encountered fierce competition and a challenging macroeconomic climate," LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky said in a statement.

LinkedIn said it will delete all personal accounts and data on InCareer and offered links on its accounts on Weibo and WeChat for users to download their own data.

It also emphasized its continued presence in China, including assisting Chinese companies with global development.

LinkedIn used to have up to 50 million users in China but it has faced fierce competition with local rivals like and

In 2021, LinkedIn closed the LinkedIn website and app and launched InCareer, to focus on helping Chinese mainland professionals find jobs and companies discover talent.

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