Vice mayor: digital transformation crucial

Ding Yining
Wu Qing says city must solve difficulties and bottlenecks and mobilize all parties and the public to push forward the modernization of urban governance.
Ding Yining
Vice mayor: digital transformation crucial

Digital transformation will be a crucial part of Shanghai's urban governance and the city shall fully leverage the digital transformation opportunity to enhance urban management, Vice Mayor Wu Qing said on Monday. 

"We must solve all the difficulties and bottleneck and mobilize all parties and the general public to participate and push forward the modernization of urban governance," he said at one of the discussions at the Fourth Plenary Session of the 13th Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) Shanghai Committee. 

"We'll also look into matters of public concern such as bridging the digital gap and optimizing user experience," he added. 

Shu Qing, vice mayor and director of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau, said crimes conducted via virtual channels contributed to over 40 percent of all illegal activities in the city and the digital infrastructure had helped the police force to solve more criminal cases in the past year.

Political adviser Zhang Yi said digital talent should receive specific education to make sure that there is a sufficient talent supply to boost digital industry upgrading.

Hu Guang, a standing member of the Shanghai Committee of the CPPCC and senior partner in the MHP Law Firm, called for a data sharing mechanism from government agencies with the creation of a data sharing officer. 

Government agencies should consider charging less for access to digital files.  CPPCC Shanghai Committee member Mu Haijie proposed more subsidies for small and medium firms and digital solution providers. 

Political adviser Zhu Naimei, head of Xunyang Road Elemetary School in Putuo District called for a balance between digital education means and face to face exchanges which can’t be replaced by technology. 

Another CPPCC Shanghai Committee member Pan Jiangxue also called for easier access to public services for physically impaired people.

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