GM China Chief: We see a strong future in booming Chinese car market

Huang Yixuan
The US automaker says China's rapid adoption of new technologies will spur growth in the auto sector. It is a member of the IBLAC, which will host its annual meeting on Friday.
Huang Yixuan

Edited by Huang Yixuan.

General Motors said it sees China as a strong market, rapidly adopting new technologies and with a large potential for growth.

"The environment here in Shanghai is very positive toward supporting companies," said General Motors Executive Vice President and President of GM China Julian Blissett.

General Motors at this year's meeting of the International Business Leaders' Advisory Council, which will take place on Friday, recommended the Shanghai government improve the availability of public car-charging in high-density areas to make electric vehicles ownership easier.

Bilssett also stressed consumers here are very tech-savvy and very cosmopolitan, as Shanghai "is a young city where consumers are very willing to try new things, new products and new services."

"We believe the Chinese market is very strong, and will grow in the futuer for sure," he said.

"It will be the fastest adoption rate (of new technologies) and the fastest-growing market for the foreseeable future."

He also said the Ultium Platform, which was launched recently and features a modular battery and drive unit combination, will be highly localized in China.

"We will make the vast majority of products here. All the parts and subsystems will be here, including many with Chinese suppliers, including many technology collaborations with Chinese suppliers and tech companies. So we will for sure have big collaboration in that space."

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