Cyclists' guide to the Yangpu riverfront

Ding Yining
Hellobike and Yangpu launched a monthlong touring activity for bike riders to visit the district's scenic spots as part of Shanghai's tourism festival. 
Ding Yining

A monthlong ride and touring activity has been unveiled under a partnership between Shanghai-headquartered Hellobike and Yangpu riverside's scenic spots as part of the city's tourism festival. 

A free exhibition showcasing Yangpu's industrial sites and how they have evolved into modern leisure spaces will begin next week at an 800-square-meter former sugar factory and warehouse built in 1923. 

Using a bicycle rental app, riders can also access tour guides to the riverside area which include exhibition spaces and sports facilities. 

Hellobike has more than 15 million registered users in Shanghai and it hopes the event will introduce more city dwellers to urban scenic spots. 

The company said the number of riders of public rental bikes during public holidays and major shopping festivals tops other occasions.

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