CBRE executive confident of future growth

Wang Yanlin
In a special promotion by the CIIE for senior executives who can't visit due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ben Duncan, president of North Asia for CBRE, hosted an online interview.
Wang Yanlin
CBRE executive confident of future growth

Ben Duncan, president of North Asia for CBRE

In a special promotion by the China International Import Expo for senior executives who can’t visit  due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ben Duncan, president of North Asia for CBRE, hosted an online interview on Thursday night. 

As a leading commercial real estate services and investment firm, CBRE has been active in events related to the import expo, albeit this year marks its first appearance at the site as an exhibitor.

“We attended the last two CIIEs as a visitor and were invited to a slew of programs as business advisers,” Duncan said. 

“We understand the expo plays an increasingly important role in helping promote trade, drive investment, and boost imports of both goods and services, providing unparalleled business opportunities for commercial real estate services companies like CBRE.”

Duncan has faith in the impact of the import expo, especially with the business environment for multinational companies continuing to improve in China, which unveils the “dual circulation” economic strategy this year.

“The ‘dual circulation’ pattern is such a great reflection of Chinese philosophy," Duncan said. "While  de-globalization caused huge uncertainties in the world, China still foster a more open business environment along with the domestic economic development – this is really wise.

“By leveraging the key platform of CIIE, we hope to unlock new opportunities and ride the momentum from China’s speedy economic recovery and unswerving push for wider opening up."

He said localization and collaboration sit in the center of CBRE’s business strategies, which are also the main themes of the CIIE. The same values and a shared vision make him believe the CIIE can create a valuable opportunity for CBRE to play a bigger role in strengthening collaboration, innovation and openness in the business world, working together with the Chinese government and its business partners.

“This is especially important in a time of significant challenges caused by the COVID-19 situation globally,” Duncan said.

At CBRE's 108-square-meter booth named "CBRE Future Center," the company is to launch self-made prop-tech solutions, introduce its comprehensive consulting service solution, release the Outlook 2030 series of research reports, and sign cooperation agreements with government units and major clients.

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