Your vote wanted to pick city's best designs

Yuan Luhang
The Shanghai government is inviting the public to help choose the best designs of the year in a number of categories that include fashion, health and the manufacturing industry. 
Yuan Luhang
Your vote wanted to pick citys best designs

Musical instruments designed by the Shanghai No.1 National Musical Instrument Factory are among the items seeking votes from the public. 

The Shanghai government is inviting citizens to vote for the best Shanghai designs of the year, covering fashion, health, architecture, technology and industry.

The Shanghai Design 100+ activity, which will showcase the winning designs, has been launched by the Shanghai Commission of Economy and Informatization with 287 designs selected from 1,541 items to be put to the vote. 

“The Shanghai government lays particular stress on Shanghai design and hopes the public can actively participate in the voting to decide the 100 most liked designs,” said Chen Jianlin, a commission official.

“After the public vote, we will invite professionals from various trades to vote and then industry authorities. The public vote accounts for 30 percent in deciding the 100 most liked Shanghai designs of the year.”

Almost every well-known Shanghai enterprise has submitted their latest designs. Among them, Manloulan with a Shanghai-style qipao, United Imaging, which is famous for medical diagnosis equipment, and car manufacturer SAIC Motor.

“One design is a skipping rope, which doesn’t have a rope. This enables people locked indoors to keep doing exercise. By looking at these designs, you can feel the influence of the COVID-19 on the society,” Chen said.

Voting has begun and the public can scan a QR code to vote for their favorites. 

Your vote wanted to pick citys best designs

Scan the QR code to vote.

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