CIIE in the eyes of global CEOs | Savills: CIIE, a driving effect to gather and coordinate

Mark Ridley
The annual China International Import Expo is a grand event that has a broad vision and audience, said Mark Ridley,CEO of Savills plc.
Mark Ridley

Editor's notes:

It is the fifth time for the China International Import Expo to take place in Shanghai, and CIIE has been increasingly recognized by global businesses as a great platform to get connected with China and beyond. Again, we invite some senior CEOs to voice their opinions, which is to shed light upon the CIIE this year!

CIIE in the eyes of global CEOs | Savills: CIIE, a driving effect to gather and coordinate

Mark Ridley,CEO of Savills plc

As a real estate service professional, we usually find ourselves participating exhibitions within the scope of the industry, but CIIE would be a grand event that has a broad vision and audience, so we have been thinking about how to best present ourselves in the event since it first kicked off in 2018 to seek profound development in local Chinese market.

We were well-prepared to be staged before the 3rd CIIE, after two years of waiting. All business lines in Savills China were actively involved to showcase to the public and the government their services and achievements. So far we have been present for two years and signed hundreds of deals, delivering our 360° urban operation services to the government, enterprises and partners through these projects.

We are ready for the 5th CIIE. In the past two years we have gained, confidently, and Savills will present itself this year with highlight on our 360°sustainable and innovation service in response to the dual carbon goals. Taking full advantage of the event, we aim to support the authorities, real estate companies as well as other partners along the green and sustainable path and embrace new opportunities of the era with all partners.

In recent years, local Chinese market is also under certain impacts against the changing international environment and the economic downturn. The government is taking active means to counter the pandemic and stabilize the economic growth. The Chinese residential market for example, has seen more foreign capital flooding into residential leasing, industrial parks and commercial sectors. They focus more on diverse portfolios and stable returns. The international multi-layered stock asset markets expected with less uncertainty and turbulence.

Despite the market setbacks in Chinese mainland in the short run, we are confident and positive about Chinese market in the long run. For Savills China, we have upgraded several of our business sectors this year and seek in-depth development in urban planning, dual carbon, industry-city integration, business empowerment and smart city. We've stepped beyond the traditional boundaries to deliver our services and joined hands with a variety of brands, which has offered a new path of thinking for future industry growth.

The annual CIIE has a significant driving effect for all units to gather and coordinate. It provides for companies investment and export opportunities and delivers to the world the message that China will expand the opening-up and is determined to promote prosperity.

As an important window for China's reform and opening-up, Shanghai is stepping up efforts to build itself into an international consumption center and be seen with more quality products and services, when it gathers pace to settle global high-end brands and promote local brand innovation and Chinese-fashion. As it goes, "first-store economy" and "new consumption" are the current highlights and the city may need to further promote commercial zone planning, local brand innovation and optimize the consumption environment and market mechanism.

In attracting foreign capital, Shanghai with its open-mindedness is improving the commercial environment and setting up an open and consistent market system with proper competition for business operation to be convenient and efficient, allowing foreign investors to feel they've actually gained.

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