Digital marketing helps insurance platform widen audience

Tracy Li
WeSure, Tencent's insurance agency platform, is revamping its strategies and updating its brand to reach younger consumers.
Tracy Li

Creative social media campaigns are helping WeSure, Tencent's insurance agency platform, gain excellent results during a festival on the theme of National Insurance Awareness Day.

To capture the hearts of the younger generation and reach a wider audience, WeSure is revamping its marketing strategies and updating its brand to make it stand out better on digital platforms.

By shooting informative videos, creating blog posts and building Q&A opportunities for users, and opinion leaders in fields like marriage, psychological counseling, mother care and family security planning, the platform develops an awareness of its products, while at the same time entertaining its audience.

Thanks to these efforts, the cumulative number of users participating in the 10-day festival exceeded 148 million, data from WeSure shows.

For a long time, insurance has been regarded as a serious and distant concern among young people, given its complicated and difficult-to-understand contract terms.

Shang Jiaoyan, vice president of the firm, said livestreaming is not meant to incite impulsive consumption, but to help users correctly understand insurance options.

“Livestreaming is suited to the insurance industry, which is driven by user education. We are working hard to expand this form of business, so that young Internet users can make a better decision about which insurance provider to partner with and have a sense of gain and trust in insurance,” Shang added.

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