AXA launches new health management solutions

Tracy Li
Insurance company announces its commitment to helping Chinese families stay "One Step Ahead" in their physical and mental health as it launches the AXA Health Formula and Emma.
Tracy Li

AXA on Thursday announced a commitment to helping Chinese families stay “One Step Ahead” in physical and mental health with the launch of the AXA Health Formula and Emma, an all-in-one digital health management platform.

Based on four pillars — mental health, private doctors, one-stop solutions and leading insights — the AXA Health Formula represents its holistic approach to healthcare management by offering customized solutions to customers, it said.

A one-stop solution available on WeChat, health management platform Emma offers a range of services to help customers manage and protect their family’s physical and mental health, including unlimited access to a dedicated Qhealth family doctor.

A team of health professionals is also on-hand to respond in under two minutes to any family-related health issue.

Other features include Specialist Consultation, Intelligent Triage, and access to psychological counselling, with an e-pharmacy and door-to-door drug deliveries set to roll out later this year.

“AXA is proud to leverage its health expertise to become a true partner to our customers in every area of their lives,” said AXA designated CEO Zhu Yaming.

Changing demographic and lifestyle trends, coupled with a significant rise in chronic and serious disease, have led to increased awareness about the importance of individual and family health.

Premiered at the event, AXA’s “Healthy Future” white paper, co-authored with partners Deloitte, outlines five key trends set to define the future of China's  healthcare industry.

Among those trends, the report identified the growing need for more personalized, convenient and diversified health management solutions, including dedicated family doctors capable of serving as a one-stop point of contact.

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