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Shanghai cloud service provider offers new services for overseas expansion

Zhu Shenshen
UCloud plans to offer special cloud services for those firms issuing overseas expansion, especially in the One Belt One Road regions.
Zhu Shenshen

UCloud now offers more flexible and intelligent cloud services to clients including government bureaus and domestic firms seeking overseas expansion, the Shanghai-based cloud service provider said Friday.

UCloud is one of the leading Shanghai-based firms to seek opportunities in the booming Chinese public cloud market, with its value expected to hit 90 billion yuan (US$13 billion).

With over 80,000 enterprise clients and over one billion final users globally, UCloud offers users “flexible, intelligent and safer” cloud services with new features and products. The company offers public and private cloud services for clients with special requirements for security and flexibility, Ji Xinhua, UCloud's CEO, said Friday.

UCloud has clients from Foxconn, NEC, China Foreign Exchange Trade System and China Renaissance Partners.

It also launched a “safe house” product, which opens data resources without changing data ownership, which is favored by government bureaus.

UCloud also plans to offer special cloud services for those firms issuing overseas expansion, especially in the Belt and Road regions, with its 29 data centers globally. The related industries cover e-commerce, social and media industries.

In 2017, China's public cloud market reached 26.5 billion yuan, and is expected to hit 90.3 billion yuan in 2021, a researcher organization of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced.

UCloud announced in June they will attract strategic investment from China Mobile as the world's biggest mobile carrier. Both sides announced they will cooperate with the eco-system, technology and products and share resources, as well as pushing the “CBA strategy,” referring to cloud, big data and artificial intelligence.

The companies didn't provide an investment figure but market observers expect it to be above the 900 million yuan mark.

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