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City startups help SMEs get back to work

Zhu Shenshen
City government press conference highlights services from local startups that are vital for small and medium-sized enterprises returning to work amid the COVID-10 pandemic.
Zhu Shenshen

Local startups are offering their latest technologies to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) resume work, including finding protection and sterilization products, and enabling working from home and contactless recruitment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

CC Intelligence has offered business connection services, especially to help firms find the protection and sterilization products needed for work to resume. 

The company’s Qixinbao service has a database of 210 million enterprises and 70 billion business information lines. During the pandemic, the firm highlighted suppliers’ information on the front pages of its health-care, protection and sterilization and medical test categories, Tang Songrong, vice president of CC Intelligence, said during a city government press conference.

MoSeeker, a human resources firm, has offered AI and contactless recruitment services to firms in Shanghai.

The company’s clients, which include overseas firms such as Tesla and Lily, have a “stable demand” for recruiting people in Shanghai, Dow Wang, founder and CEO of MoSeeker, told Shanghai Daily.

Tesla is seeking to fill 800 jobs in Shanghai and has hired over 500 employees already, the company said.

Other resources on offer to SMEs include free broadband and cloud resources.

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