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Douyin plans to double creators' incomes

Zhu Shenshen
Beijing-based ByteDance's short-video platform helped creators to earn more than 41.7 billion yuan over the past year and aims to make than 80 billion yuan in 2021.
Zhu Shenshen
Douyin plans to double creators incomes
Ti Gong

Kelly Zhang, CEO of ByteDance China, gives a speech at the Douyin Creator Conference in Shanghai.

Douyin, a Chinese short-video platform, has over 600 million daily active users and aims to double the income its creators earn through the platform in 2021, the company said on Tuesday.

Douyin, along with Tiktok, belongs to Beijing-based ByteDance.

In the past year, Douyin said it helped 22 million creators earn more than 41.7 billion yuan (US$6.13 million).

The company aims to double that figure to 80 billion yuan next year, said Kelly Zhang, chief executive of ByteDance.

To achieve that goal, the company plans to invest in traffic resources worth 10 billion yuan to support creators, Zhang added.

Other measures to help creators include more traffic, an improved service and further diversified monetization channels.

Currently, video creators or bloggers can cash in through advertising, livestreaming sales and attending offline activities. Technology developments such as 5G and advanced smartphone cameras have boosted video creation.

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