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Shanghai signs cooperation deal with Kuaishou

Zhu Shenshen
Shanghai Fabu, the city's top government communications account, opens accounts with mini-video program platform in a move that will fuel development of the city's "Five Centers."
Zhu Shenshen
Shanghai signs cooperation deal with Kuaishou

The Shanghai government signed an agreement with HK-listed Kuaishou on Thursday to cooperate on image and event promotion and media integration, which also helps city issue digitalization and boost online economy.

Shanghai Fabu, the city’s top government communications account, has opened an account with Kuaishou, a popular mini-video program platform with 300 million daily users.

Kuaishou is to establish a regional operational center for commercialization in Shanghai. 

The cooperation will fuel Shanghai’s development of its “Five Centers,” referring to global centers of economy, finance, trade, shipping and technology and innovation. It will also boost the city’s digital transformation and online economy, said Hu Jingjun, director of the publicity office of the Shanghai Committee of the Communist Party of China. 

 Kuaishou will provide content and operation resource guarantees for Shanghai’s organizations and enterprises. It will help local merchants improve customer acquisition capabilities and transaction amounts, making them adapt to the digital transformation market with low cost and high efficiency. The cooperation will also add momentum to Shanghai's online economy development, said Yu Haibo, Kuaishou’s senior vice president. 

Mini-videos have become a "bridge" between the digital economy and the real economy, offering "visual energy" in government communications, culture and entertainment, industrial manufacturing, e-commerce and talent recruiting, industry officials said.

More than 100 influential Kuaishou broadcasters will attend next week’s Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition. They will promote Shanghai's image, its car industry and latest innovations, said Kuaishou. 

Shanghai signs cooperation deal with Kuaishou
Ti Gong

Shanghai signs an agreement with HK-listed Kuaishou on Thursday.

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