Lest we forget: Know the "red" heroes of Qingpu

Hu Min
Qingpu District is promoting "red" awareness with a series of activities aimed at raising public awareness of the revolutionary heroes who hailed from the district.
Hu Min

Qingpu District has made "red" culture recent highlight, with a slew of activities aimed at raising public awareness of the district's revolutionary history and heroes.

A public storytelling competition will be held throughout September. It will comprise competitions for professional narrators, students and faculty, residents, as well as a national defense education contest, exhibitions and performances.

The district has also produced a series of documentaries on Qingpu heroes.

One of them narrates the story of the Gu family. They hold legendary status in the district because three of their family members joined in the war against Japanese aggression.

Gu Dehuan, the eldest brother, served in the New Fourth Army and led guerrilla forces in eastern Zhejiang Province. Another brother, Gu Dexi, was known for organizing about 2,000 people in Qingpu County to fight the Japanese invaders, while the youngest, Gu Deqi, was martyred when he was just 21 years old.

The documentaries are available on major video-streaming platforms.

The six themes of the ongoing activities are: a city of glory, "red" cultural relics, history of the Communist Party of China, revolutionary heroes, development progress and national defense education.

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