Hu Min

Chief Metro Reporter

Xianju lures Shanghai tourists with sweet and juicy waxberries

It's the waxberry season again and the Xianju County where a waxberry festival has kicked off is luring Shanghai tourists with its big, succulent and sweet waxberries.

Fresh tastes for traditional treat

Shanghai's time-honored restaurants and food sellers are experimenting with new zongzi recipes as Dragon Boat Festival approaches.


New momentum for global beauty and health industry cluster

The Oriental Beauty Valley is making another leap towards becoming a global health and beauty industry cluster after the launch of a new product tracking platform, officials said.

Chartered Shanghai-Kashgar flights take to the sky

Twenty chartered flights carrying tourists from Shanghai to Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region will be operated from July to boost local tourism.

Downpours expected for Dragon Boat and beyond

Wet weather and high temperatures to mark start of plum rain season.

Robot arm lends hand at drink vendor

Local authorities give green light to first-of-its-kind cafe and bar.

Cemeteries promote eco-friendly burials to alleviate pressure

Some cemeteries are providing free eco-friendly burials and hosting free group burials following traditional sacrifice rituals around the Dragon Boat Festival.

New Royal Caribbean cruise liner to call Shanghai home

Shanghai will become the home port of a new luxury cruise liner that will sail from the city in June next year.

Spotlight on technology that aids elderly

Technologies that benefit the aged are taking center stage at a senior care, rehabilitation and health exhibition which opened yesterday in Shanghai.

WeChat account allows users to trace their food

Local FDA joins counterparts across Yangtze Delta to expand inform sharing.