Panda exhibition promotes nature conservation

Zhu Jilong
More than 500 paper panda sculptures have been brought to Shanghai's Super Brand Mall for a new exhibition promoting biodiversity and nature conservation efforts.
Zhu Jilong
Panda exhibition promotes nature conservation
Su Yanxian / SHINE

Just imagine 500 pandas sitting side by side. Amazing, isn't it? That's a scene at the "1864 Panda Tour," currently underway at the Super Brand Mall in Shanghai's Pudong New Area.

It's the Shanghai leg of a nationwide exhibition tour organized by the One Planet Foundation that will run through December 14.

"Everyone on Earth is part of a community with a shared future. Caring for the health of nature is caring for the development of human beings. We hope this exhibition will arouse public awareness for endangered species and global biodiversity conservation, as well as giant pandas." said Ding Gan, secretary general of the One Planet Foundation.

It's the first time that the "1864 Panda Tour" has landed in Shanghai. The figure "1864" indicates that there had been 1,864 giant pandas in the wild in China by the end of 2013, according to the 4th National Giant Panda Survey.

Han Meilin, a famous Chinese artist, created a paper sculpture of the giant panda baby, hoping to awaken the softest and warmest love in the hearts of the public.

At the exhibition site, over 500 paper sculptures of giant panda babies were spread over the Roman steps of Super Brand Mall. They were charmingly adorable, and the scene was very spectacular and lovely, attracting many viewers to stop and take photos.

At the same time, a natural science popularization area and an interactive area were set up on site. Visitors can read scientific information on animal protection.

More than 150 works were created by young artists, including painting, experimental art, interactive installations, animation, podcast and dance, using their diverse approaches and unique expressions to appeal to the audience for the protection of biodiversity. Some of the works are on display at the shopping mall.

On December 4, Shanghai Super Brand Mall also launched an exhibition themed "Future Exploration" to mark its 20th anniversary.

Panda exhibition promotes nature conservation
Ti Gong

Representatives from Pudong government, Super Brand Mall and One Planet Foundation launch the exhibition.

Exhibition info:

Date: Through December 14

Venue: Super Brand Mall

Address: 168 Lujiazui Rd W., Pudong


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