Shanghai dynamic art market attracts overseas artists

Hu Min
Shanghai's art market has enduring appeal for overseas artists who have expressed strong interest in bringing their masterpieces to the city amid eased COVID-19 control measures.
Hu Min
Shanghai dynamic art market attracts overseas artists
Ti Gong

An artwork by Russian contemporary artist Marina Fedorova

Shanghai's art market has shown great potential and enduring appeal for overseas artists who have expressed strong interest in bringing their masterpieces to the city amid eased COVID-19 prevention and control measures.

Russian contemporary artist Marina Fedorova, who exhibited six artworks at last month's 10th ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair at the Shanghai Exhibition Center, will present a joint online exhibition with artworks from her "Cosmodreams" series, running from December 16 to 23 on the ART021 official website.

Fedorova said she is looking forward to offline displays in Shanghai in the upcoming New Year with a "thumb-up" to the art market of China.

"It's so impressive how many museums, particularly private museums, were established in the last several years in China," Fedorova said.

"It's the best place where you can show your art as people are curious and hungry for visual experiences.

"For me, it's very appealing for the artist because every artist wants to show and share his or her artwork, and China is a perfect place for exhibitions."

Shanghai dynamic art market attracts overseas artists
Ti Gong

A work pays tribute to former Soviet cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova.

Fedorova started creating the "Cosmodreams" in 2017, aiming to offer viewers a special immersive art experience with diverse approaches.

The series provides an insight into modern life and culture and reflects the artist's thoughts on technological progress, life on earth and the rising role of women in many fields.

One of her paintings, titled "Alice," pays tribute to Valentina Tereshkova, former Soviet cosmonaut and the first woman to fly in space.

Another artwork "The Mystery of the Third Planet" imagines the living environment of the outer space in the future, expressing care for the earth.

"Cosmodreams Matryoshka," sculptures with 3D printing technologies applied, features matryoshka dolls wearing space suits, representing infinite possibilities.

All these artworks will be showcased at the online exhibition.

The artist's solo exhibition will be held in Shanghai next year.

Fedorova believes that art and culture can transcend the limits of time and space and inspire generations of people.

She has deep bond with China.

"I spent quite time learning about China culture, and I admire a lot Chinese art," she said. "We have cultural exchange programs with the Chinese academies.

"I've learned techniques of Chinese calligraphy for a couple of years, and the techniques have a big impact on me."

The symbol and image of Chinese dragon appears in her sculpture, which turns to be "a noble, fantastic, friendly creature."

She included several elements and topics related with China in her paintings.

Shanghai dynamic art market attracts overseas artists
Ti Gong

Marina Fedorova

A couple of her paintings feature Chang'e, or the Moon Goddess in Chinese legend.

"She is a very courageous character, and I found the tradition related with the Mid-Autumn Festival very inspiring," she added.

Another of her latest works with Chinese topic is pandas, which reflects both funny and sad sides.

"I am always thinking about the environment and animal species, and the works aim to raise the awareness on protecting the animal species," she said.

In her artworks, she "speaks" about pollution, wildlife and environmental problems.

"Artists have social responsibilities, and art should not only be entertaining, but to spur people to think about social problems," she said.

Fedorova is also preparing an exhibition in Chengdu, capital city of China's Sichuan Province, next year.

Shanghai dynamic art market attracts overseas artists
Ti Gong

A painting by Marina Fedorova

Shanghai has witnessed flourishing development of its art market, and is on track to becoming an important global artwork trading center.

Shanghai had 158 museums, 39 of them private and 29 of national standard, according to the annual report on local museums in 2021 released in September.

In total, these museums received 16.46 million visits last year, rising 67.68 percent from 2020.

Since last year's China International Import Expo, tax exemption policies have been introduced, allowing each institution participating in the event to trade five art and cultural relic pieces with zero tariffs within the expo period. This encouraged international arts trading and cultural exchanges.

The Shanghai international artwork and antiquities trade service center will be established in the Pudong New Area, providing venues, facilities and appraisal services for artwork and the antiquities trade.

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