Experience the architecture of Spanish wineries

Wang Jie
The architectural styles of numerous Spanish wineries are presented in the exhibition "The Architecture of Wine – The Path of Spanish Wine."
Wang Jie
Experience the architecture of Spanish wineries

Celler Brugarol

The exhibition "The Architecture of Wine – The Path of Spanish Wine," currently ongoing at the Miguel de Cervantes Library, is providing visitors with the opportunity to learn about the architectural forms of various Spanish wineries, including Protos, La Mejorada, La Perelada, and Ysios, as well as their natural and cultural surroundings.

The show includes a series of photographs, graphic designs, and models of Spanish vineyards that demonstrate how two very different forms of artistic expression may be combined to produce a unique sensory and cultural experience.

These structures have a close interaction with their surroundings. They are, in reality, not only a part of the surrounding landscape but also an extension of the various terrains and geologies.

The architects saw the task as presenting a tale both visually and emotionally through fluid lines and beautiful curves with simple or plain style, rather than simply building a vineyard with full functionality.

Typically, natural features serve as inspiration for architectural materials, and the layout takes into account wind, sunlight, and other climatic factors. This not only connects the architecture to nature but also influences the winemaking process.

Over the last two decades, Spanish wineries have transformed from typical production sites into architectural icons that express the unique characteristics and values of many wine companies.

Experience the architecture of Spanish wineries

Bodegas Ysios

Exhibition info:

Date: Through January 14, 2024, 11am-6:30pm

Admission: Free

Venue: Miguel de Cervantes Library

Address: 208 Anfu Rd


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