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Mikael Kraemer is a fifth generation philanthropist and art expert at the Kraemer Gallery.  Lu Lu is an influential fashion and lifestyle key opinion leader. 

Mikael Kraemer

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Mikael Kraemer

Born into a family specializing in French fine art and antiques since 1875, Mikael Kraemer is a fifth generation philanthropist and art expert at the Kraemer Gallery. He started to bring in museum quality 18th century furniture and object d’art to Asia in 2012 with exhibitions set up in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Macau. His achievement is to make his passion for art, French culture and history accessible for a maximum number of people worldwide.

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Christian Louboutin

My personal style is classical with a suit and tie because I work in a family business as the fifth generation art expert. I design my own suits at Sam’s Tailor in Hong Kong. Last summer, I was sitting in the company of Sir David Tang and he gave me great advice and ideas.

The best outfit I’ve ever worn for a special occasion was a black tie tuxedo. I was paid several flattering compliments when wearing it. 

I follow fashion trends by attending shows during the Paris Haute Couture week. Also when the fashion designers visit Asia, we try to meet up and go out for dinner or drinks. That way I can keep abreast of any new fashion trends, art and travel.

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Majestic Special Oud

I usually shop for clothes and accessories at tailors or try press sales for the best deals.

If I have to limit my shopping to one neighborhood in Shanghai, I definitely would say IFC Pudong. I had an exhibition there last year called “Inside a French Chateau.” We recreated seven 18th century rooms including: a Chinese salon, a French Salon, a bedroom, a dinning room, a library and an entertainment room. The exhibition was displayed in the main atrium between, Chanel, Hermes, Dior, Louis Vuitton and Cartier. All together, we were creating “the French quarter.”

It is very difficult to pick up one favorite fashion brand as I am a friend to most of the brands’ owners. Let me just say the French and Europeans are the best.

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Shanghai Tang

The designer I most admire is Chinese designer Guo Pei. She always presents very impressive collections in special venues.

The style icon I look up to is Lenny Kravitz, who is not only a stylish singer, but also a very talented interior designer. It matches very well and he is super friendly! For a female style icon it has to be, Rihanna who might become the next Madonna.

I collect only art and antiques. I do believe a lot in my specialty of the French 18th century style. I do also collect contemporary art and manage the career of some talented artists such as Krista Kim.

My grooming staples is the collection from Molton Brown from London.

My signature perfume is an amazing Arabic cologne called Majestic Special Oud. It is very intense. I call it the perfume of Middle-Eastern Princes.

The best souvenirs I bring home from my travels are memories rather than anything tangible. Of course like everyone I love to taste gastronomic specialties.

The best thing about living in Shanghai is the cosmopolitan vibe. I love the influences from different cultures. People are very welcoming and you feel you are part of the city very quickly. I would love to come back and live Shanghai!

The last book I read, beside art books, was China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan.

Lu Lu

Born in Beijing, educated in UK, and now based in Hong Kong, Lu Lu is an influential fashion and lifestyle key opinion leader. She has worked with several top-level world-wide brands from fashion to lifestyle. Before starting her own WeChat channel “Lulu Travel Diary,” she worked in Lane Crawford, Hong Kong as a fashion buyer, which allowed her to gain fashion and business experience.

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Lu Lu

My personal style is simple, chic, smart and comfortable. I don’t follow the trends blindly. I always find a style that’s suitable for myself.

The best outfit I’ve worn for a special occasion was simply mixing and matching and playing with different pieces. A shirt and a pair of wide-leg pants made me feel comfortable yet confident. 

I don’t follow fashion trends but I take them as references. I try to find out the right piece that makes me look good and fit my style. 

I usually shop for clothes and accessories online from places like: Net-a-Porter, Lane Crawford, Matches Fashion. And I like to find some unique and niche brands during my travels. There are always some surprises.

If I have to limit my shopping to one neighborhood in Shanghai, my picks are those preferred boutiques, including OOAK for accessories, Dong Liang for top Chinese designer pieces. And I like spending an afternoon at Gent Space, where you can find many interesting stuff there. The newly opened HKRI Taikoo Hui is quite cool as well.

My favorite fashion brand is Celine, no doubt. I love its minimalist and elegant style.

The designer I most admire is Phoebe Philo from Celine.

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The style icon I look up to is Sarah Rutson, who was my boss during the time when I worked at Lane Crawford. And Yoyo Cao, I would say. Effortless chic is the key I admired. 

The last item I added to my wardrobe was a cutout wool sweater from Calvin Klein 205W39NYC.

The fashion item I’m eyeing next is a Stella McCartney Houndstooth blazer.

I collect stripe items and also shirts, my favorite fashion items. I can’t tell how many pieces I have.

My grooming staples include Biologique Recherche-Multifunctional treatment mist, La Mer The Concentrate, Sisley All day all year cream, Ginza Day protector.

My signature perfume is Le Labo, Rose 31.

The best souvenir was a pair of handmade cushions from South Africa.

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The most memorable place I’ve traveled to in the past was Iceland. It was the first time I was moved and shocked by the power from nature. The glacier and volcano looked so surreal.

The last book I read was “The Art of Travel” by Alain de Botton. It is about different angles and ideas of travel. I find it quite interesting and inspiring.

Except Beijing, the city I would love to live in is either LA or London. I love the weather in Los Angeles. It is energetic, relaxing and you can enjoy the sunshine and hang out with friends all day long. 

For London, it was the city where I spent my student life. There are lots of memories and friends. And you will never have to worry about having nothing to do in London.

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