Yang Di

Feature Reporter

Delicacies straight from the streets of Hanoi

Food is at the very heart of Vietnamese culture and can be seen everywhere.

Fresh treats on rye with a Scandinavian accent

The team behind The Nest and The Cannery recently launched a new concept – Rye & Co –  to bring Nordic eating to the fore. 

A slice of New York near Zhongshan Park

Homeslice – a neighborhood pizzeria specializing in slices – recently opened its second outlet near Zhongshan Park, a welcome addition to this rapidly developing area of Shanghai.

Intimate encounters at the hands of a skilled chef

Torishou has been a favorite yakitori outlet specializing in grilled chicken from when it first opened on Fuxing Road W. to its current location on Changle Road.

One-time capital of Vietnam in a world of its own

The ancient city of Hue exhibits charm in its different facets from the magnificent Citadel to the modern-day energy prevailing in the city's every corner.

Flat full of love for French collector

Florence Guillot's apartment is a living, breathing museum of art and design, filled with an eclectic mix of objects pleasing to the eye.

Balancing beauty and feasibility

With 15 years' experience in architectural design and a wide range of practical works, Zhang Xun is committed to the unity of aesthetic expression and feasibility.

Jin Hua opens new chapter in Yunnan fare

Restaurateur Daliah Spiegel closed Daliah and opened Jin Hua, swapping European fare for Yunnan cuisine in the process.

Bistro Bonbon's Taiwanese food with a twist

Bistro Bonbon is a cozy gem of restaurant inside a compound at 758 Julu Road, where a mix of people love to gather after work for comfort fare and enjoy some good cheer.

'Hakkatini Nights' are an epicurean delight

Despite the illustrious Bund 18's age, the atmosphere of Hakkasan Shanghai is far from old world. It has a vibrant sense of freshness that is captured every Wednesday evening.