Italian fashion meets Shanghai boutique

Italy has long enjoyed a reputation for style and fashion. But it is encouraging to hear that Shanghai is quickly catching up – so say two Italian fashion gurus.

Tomaso Incisa della Rocchetta

Tomaso Incisa della Rocchetta grew up in Biella, Italy – a hub for high-quality wool and cashmere textiles. He saw first hand the amount of skill and attention to detail that goes into crafting these high-quality products. After years working as a consultant in Shanghai, he got inspired by the colors and patterns of Chinese silk jacquards and started Yindelo, his first foray into fashion. Yindelo is a new fashion brand mixing classic Italian elegance with Chinese and Asian decorative elements.

Ti Gong

Tomaso Incisa della Rocchetta

My personal style is quite classic. I prefer to focus on timeless, high-quality, well-fitted items. I also like to mix extravagant accessories. 

The best outfit I’ve ever worn for a special occasion was a vintage suit I got re-tailored for a friend’s wedding in Sardinia, back in Italy. It’s just a perfect shade of blue. That and the quality of the fabric conveys an attention to detail that’s hard to find in today’s products. 

I do not follow fashion trends but, truth be told, in the end we are all victims! That said, I try to distinguish between elements that are here to stay for the long haul and those that will fade in a short time. That’s the same philosophy I try to apply to the products I’m designing: a line of dressing gowns called Yindelo where I mix traditional Italian elegance with Chinese elements. I always try to imagine how something will look like, two or three decades from now. 

I usually shop for clothes and accessories in independent stores in Italy. It harks back to that desire to be around timeless designs. For accessories, I like to buy them while traveling but if I’m looking for something very unique or specific, I go online. 

Vintage Rolex Submariner

I appreciate different brands for different things. If I had to pick one, it would probably be the Italian brand Zegna, which originates from my hometown.

The designer I most admire is Tom Ford because he manages to be elegant and classy, while being sensual. And yet, he manages to be contemporary.

The style icons I look up to are Italian gentlemen in the 1950s and 1960s. They are hard to beat: Gianni Agnelli, Marcello Mastroianni and Vittorio Gassman. But also, crucially, my grandfather. They were equally elegant in the way they dressed and in their attitude — the true embodiment of a gentleman.

The last item I added to my wardrobe was a dressing gown from my new collection. 

The fashion item I’m eying next is the perfect backpack. One that is versatile, elegant, but also sturdy and comfortable, to carry my laptop.

Ti Gong


I collect objects that remind me of my life, places I have been or people I have met, much like the travelers from the Romantic era bringing back objects for their homes. I also collect vintage watches, bicycles and motorcycles. 

My signature perfume is “Vetiver” by Guerlain, a classic from the 1950’s.

The best souvenir I brought home from Shanghai is a vintage watch from a street vendor. He salvaged it from a house being demolished. The watch is an “Harwood,” by a little known company which only operated between 1929 and 1931. It was the first automatic wrist watch ever made. I happened to have an almost identical watch at home that was passed down from my great-grandfather. 

I have been to many amazing places, but the most memorable has to be Myanmar. I loved the buildings in Yangon’s city center, the pagodas, the landscape, the people, the food and the atmosphere.

The best thing about living in Shanghai, as the cliche goes, is the city’s contrasts of old and new, historical and futuristic, local and international. 

Tom Barrington

Silvia Nowak

Silvia Nowak is an Italian fashion PR working in Shanghai. Originally from Bergamo, she projects a casual cool and sporty cozy image. She loves working in fashion and her passion is to travel and discover beautiful things in life.

Ti Gong

Silvia Nowak

My personal style falls between casual cool and sporty cozy.

The best outfit I’ve ever worn for a special occasion was a beautiful long red dress with a sexy neckline on my back for the wedding of my best friend in Positano, Italy.

As part of the fashion industry environment, I always try to follow new trends on social media. But I also like to mix and match unique pieces to make my own style. I like to go into my mother’s wardrobe and make old fashion pieces live again in a perfect match with actual trends. I also have a fashion blog on Instagram 

I usually shop for clothes and accessories when I travel. I like having items that remind me where I was, connecting me with past experiences and memories. I love finding new small boutiques from upcoming designers.

Ti Gong


If I have to limit my shopping to one neighborhood in Shanghai, it would be the tree-lined center. I can walk for hours losing myself trying to find new stores and good-quality Shanghainese designers. 

The designers I most admire are Armani and Valentino. I think every woman should have a piece.

The style icon I look up to is Chiara Ferragni who has massive influence in fashion.

The last item I added to my wardrobe was a new pair of Calzedonia tights.

The fashion item I’m eying next is a new bag. I am always around the city looking for a smart bag!

I collect shoes. I always buy one pair every week! I don’t always wear them, but I like to see them inside my wardrobe and be sure to have always the right ones for any occasion!

Ti Gong

Calzedonia tights

My grooming staple is Asian face masks and I love them.

My signature perfume is Bvlgari Parfume au thé vert.

The best souvenir I bring home is always green tea.

The most memorable place I’ve traveled to in the past was Bali. It is one of the most peaceful and relaxing places I have ever been.

The best thing about living in Shanghai is the energy and walking around streets. It is so different from Italy and each time I remain inspired and I love discovering new areas. I love to take pictures and this is one of the best countries I have ever been. It gives me so much material.

Ti Gong


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