Something for everyone at Jiading's festival for shoppers

Li Xinran
Dozens of promotions and many different ways to shop are in evidence at Jiading's ongoing shopping festival. 
Li Xinran
Something for everyone at Jiading's festival for shoppers
Ti Gong

Jiading Shopping Festival, part of the Double Five Shopping Festival in Shanghai, was unveiled on May 3.

People’s desire to return to normal life is strong after the COVID-19 outbreak. Although large gatherings and outings are not encouraged, making changes is the way of the ongoing shopping festival in Jiading to cope with the situation.

Dozens of promotions in eating, nightlife, retail, e-commerce, discounts, new energy, smart life, groupon, tourism and culture together with online advertising and business promotions through video-sharing social network services as well as immersive experiences for consumers are Jiading’s recipe of “turning crisis into opportunity.”

The return of customers, the convergence of businesses and consumption and business innovations in various formats, is a rising trend.

Livestreaming platforms

Following the example of China Central Television anchors during the May Day holiday, anchors and front-line reporters from the Jiading Center for Integrated Media promoted products online.

At the time-honored Jiading Store, a livestreaming studio was installed during the holiday. Retailers were invited to make promotions online. This new business method, coupled with soaring sales, encouraged many businesses in the mall to have a go.

Livestreaming, which used to be regarded as a relatively fringe-like way of entertainment, has now become a new sales channel amid the COVID-19 prevention requirements.

Internet celebrities or key opinion leaders promoting products online are a most persuasive way for viewers to order.

One day is not enough

During the shopping festival, coordination among various outlets and businesses is particularly prominent.

The Shanghai Auto Expo Park, where the Shanghai Auto Museum and an RV club are located, is working with eight new-energy vehicle companies to launch test drives of 11 new-energy vehicles.

The EV-AI harbor, LifeHub@Anting and EF Park issued coupons and planned a package tour for consumers.

The Bailian Jiading Shopping Mall treated shoppers with catering discounts and held a sports carnival for families.

New nightlife landmark

Restaurants, bistros and food booths in Liucheng Xintiandi started offering half-priced dinners and night snacks from 7pm to 2am to boost the nighttime economy.

A fitness center in the shopping complex is offering a full line of fitness and health programs and services for both locals and visitors.

Something for everyone at Jiading's festival for shoppers
Ti Gong

Shoppers take a stroll as they shop at Liucheng Xintiandi in Jiading. 

Immersive experience

If online marketing meets the demand of people who stay at home, offline businesses focus on the creation of atmosphere and attract consumers through the best immersive experiences.

Crayfish are in season and the Powerlong City Plaza has opened its terrace to its tenanted restaurants for an outdoor crayfish festival. With lights and music, people can enjoy the fun till midnight.

Heading east along Hongde Road in Jiading New Town, you will find Xiyun Tower next to the intersection of Yumin Road S. and Hongde Road.

Something for everyone at Jiading's festival for shoppers
Ti Gong

A night fair is held at Xiyun Tower during the shopping festival.

A cluster of traditional Shanghai architecture featuring shikumen, or stone-gate residences, narrow lanes and flagstone paths greets visitors.

A creek passes beneath the complex, and a water town of the lower reaches of Yangtze River together with boats and bridges are seen.

Shopkeepers in traditional clothes make tourists feel as if they were entering the old Shanghai of a century ago.The Jiading-based Shanghai International Circuit is open again with the first racing action scheduled for June.

The circuit hosts the Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix and was planned to hold the fourth race of the 2020 season. But the COVID-19 that is sweeping the world forced the race promoter, Juss Events, to postpone the race.

At present, an F1 tires exhibition is being held for fans who can also ride go-karts on the track. 

Five sectors of Jiading Shopping Festival

The Jiading shopping festival this year is divided into five sectors: vehicle promotions, smart shopping, tasty food and nightlife, e-commerce and tourism.

Vehicle promotions

The Porsche Experience Center, Shanghai Auto Museum, Shanghai Auto Expo Park are open for visitors. SAIC Volkswagen Automotive Co offers a factory tour.

The 4S dealership stores of Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW and other brands in Jiading offer promotions and new car launches. The Shanghai Second-hand Car Trading Market in Jiading offers improved purchase services.

Online ride-hailing or car-sharing platforms offer discounts.

The Shanghai International Circuit and Electric Formula Park provide a number of activities.

Smart shopping

Major shopping sites in Jiading, including Jiading Bailian Shopping Mall, LifeHub@Anting, Liucheng Xintiandi and Powerlong City Plaza, offer discounts, coupons, food carnivals and parenting activities.

Something for everyone at Jiading's festival for shoppers
Ti Gong

A Lego shop attracts a mother and her child. 


Jiading partners with e-commerce platforms, such as, Freshippo and Gome, to provide both online and offline promotions.


Fruit-picking tours, fishing, farming activities and art exhibitions are available at local cultural and farming sites, such as Jiading Countryside Park, Huating Town, Malu Grape Park, Hongtai Garden and Jiayuanhai Art Neighborhood.

Tasty food and nightlife

Camping, outdoor cinema, esports contests, concerts, night markets and traditional games will be held at Xiyun Tower, Nanxiang Old Street, Zhouqiao Old Street and Jiangqiao Old Street.

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