Li Xinran

Feature Reporter
Art & Culture

Local artist makes his own mark on ancient tradition

In the long history of Chinese bamboo carving, works by Jiading artists reflect the spiritual strength of the literati and hence make Jiading bamboo carving an exclusive art form.

'Four brands' lead way to polish Pudong's pioneering profile

In the past 28 years Pudong has set itself up as a reformer and pioneer on a global scale.

Pioneering free trade zone transforms a city

Constant improvement in the development of the Shanghai FTZ and the formation of more replicable achievements are urged to build the zone into a highland of reform and opening-up.

Pudong hosts world eSports event

The International Dota 2 Championship will move to Pudong next year for its ninth edition tournament amid rising government support for the booming eSports industry.

IC design park driving innovation in technology

An integrated circuit design industrial park has been established in Zhangjiang, Pudong New Area as part of Shanghai's effort to boost China's microelectronic industry.

Xinchang growing into a characteristic town

Cultural and creative enterprise and financial services are powerful engines driving Xinchang, in the Pudong New Area, to be one of the most characteristic towns in China.

Lingang – intelligent, innovative, world-class

After electric car manufacturer Tesla Inc bought land in Lingang to build an auto plant, more than a dozen major industrial projects also debuted on the southeastern tip of Pudong.

Visitors from country's remote regions learn by example in district programs

Jiading has been aiding development in some remote areas. Now, it also welcomes people from the areas to study and work in the district.

Shanghai B&R Initiative bonds raise US$2.22b

10 Belt and Road bonds issued on the Shanghai bourse had raised 15.3 billion yuan (US$2.22 billion) to fund China's massive infrastructure initiative.

Impressive 5-year results at city's FTZ

The construction of Shanghai's pilot free trade zone was a strategic measure taken by the Communist Party of China's central leadership to promote reform in the new era.