Many courier services offer convenient delivery in Shanghai

Yang Di
Shanghai Daily walks you through popular courier apps, offering convenient and easy delivery throughout the city.
Yang Di
Many courier services offer convenient delivery in Shanghai

Shanghai moves fast, and for many, life in the mega city can be busy. One saving grace are the many couriers crisscrossing Shanghai, making life easier and more convenient.

Deliveries are picked up and dropped off with the simple press of a button, and many apps are offering a variety of services.

Shansong 闪送

Shansong app is available on iOS and Android stores as well as mini-program on WeChat. It promises 60-minute deliveries within 7 kilometers.

Put in your mobile number, receive a 4-digit code and log into your account. You'll see a map where you can select the pickup address. Fill in the details, and the same process applies to the delivery address.

Many courier services offer convenient delivery in Shanghai

The second step is selecting the category of goods being delivered and its weight, which helps determine the delivery fee. A Shansong courier usually accepts the request within a couple of minutes, during rush hour or bad weather, you may need to add tips to guarantee prompt delivery.

It's generally uncommon to deliver very precious goods using Shansong, but it is considered quite safe.

SF Express 顺丰速运

SF Express is a more professional courier service widely used in China.

The SF Express app is also available on either the iOS or Android store, and you need to register with a phone number and set a password. Hit the red paper-airplane-button on the main page and it will give you different options.

The standard process usually begins by selecting the preferred time you'd like the courier to pick up the package, from within one hour to 9pm of the same day. Details of the pick-up and delivery information will be input, and the delivery usually arrives the next day. For emergency delivery, SF Express also offers speedy service within the city (同城急送). It takes an average of one hour to reach the receiver.

LinQu 邻趣

Other apps offering similar services include LinQu, an app that relies on crowdsourcing instead of a single service.

Their services include purchasing an item of your choice, waiting in line, occupying a seat in a restaurant, taking care of your pet, or simply delivering packages across town. Orders with high tips are more likely to be chosen.

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