Fashion program to highlight outstanding Chinese designers

Tan Weiyun
Leading luxury e-commerce platform Mytheresa recently launched the China Designer Program, which highlights and champions four new-generation Chinese fashion designers.
Tan Weiyun

Leading luxury e-commerce platform Mytheresa recently launched the China Designer Program, which highlights and champions four new-generation Chinese fashion designers: Didu, Jacques Wei, Susan Fang and Chen Xuzhi.

The four selected designers will have access to global exposure through an exclusive media partnership with TMagazine China via Mytheresa's combined 2 million followers on its Chinese and international social media channels and KOL activations as well as through events in Paris and Shanghai next year.

"The program will create visibility for talented Chinese designers with our global customer base. It will also create more awareness in the Chinese market for our highly curated and bespoke approach to luxury with many exclusive capsule collections," said Michael Kliger, Mytheresa CEO. "We strongly support the fast development of the domestic luxury market in China and feel very committed to the sophisticated local consumers. This program will create digital as well as physical branding moments for the selected designers."

Authenticity, design concept, creativity, craftsmanship and potential for commercial success are the major criteria for selecting the designers from dozens of entrants. The high-profile jury includes Ye Mingzi, CEO of Guoye Culture, founder of Phi Digital Art and Mytheresa brand ambassador; Feng Chuxuan, editor-in-chief of TMagazine China; stylist and fashion KOL Fil Xiao Bai; and Tiffany Hsu, Mytheresa vice president of womenswear and kidswear fashion buying.

"This program is a window that conveys the unique cultural charm of Chinese designers and allows us to receive feedback from the international market, which is a challenge to brands as well as the Chinese fashion industry," said Wei, one of the four designers.

Fashion program to highlight outstanding Chinese designers

XU ZHI by designer Chen Xuzhi was founded in London in 2015.

"We were close to the European market at that time. After the pandemic, I came back to Shanghai, which brought a lot of restrictions between me and overseas, both in communication and logistics," Chen said. "So, I think this collaboration is an opportunity not only for XU ZHI but also for more Chinese designer brands to reopen the dialogue with the international market, allowing a close exchange of fashion creativity between home and abroad, and realizing a true global co-creation."

In the post-pandemic era, the fashion industry is returning to growth as changing category landscapes, new digital frontiers and advances in sustainability continue to present opportunities.

From a geographical perspective, China was a standout performer during 2021, as its economy recovered much faster than other countries. According to a fashion report by ORMEY, a marketing agency for fashion brands in China, sales will grow 5 to 10 percent in China in 2022 compared with 2019, and the number of shoppers in the country's fashion market is expected to amount to 819.7 million by 2025.

Facing a huge market with a complex mix of challenges and opportunities, Mytheresa, like many other international and local luxury e-commerce players, wants a slice of the cake with localization strategies. It includes a Mandarin website, localized payment options such as Alipay and WeChat Pay, fast shipment to China within 72 hours, free returns within 30 days, Mandarin-speaking customer care and personal shopping teams in its Shanghai office opened earlier this year.

Undoubtedly, the China Designer Program is Mytheresa's another ambitious step to further strengthen its China market presence and new designer relationships.

"The launch of this dedicated program provides a unique platform and opportunity for Chinese designers to present their creativity and talent to Mytheresa's global customers while also servicing our customers in China with locally curated capsules and a best-in-class luxury shopping experience," said Steven Xu, Mytheresa China and Asia Pacific president. "It will fortify our presence in the Chinese market, and also demonstrates our appreciation to the Chinese designers and our commitment to support local talent development."

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