Tan Weiyun

Feature Reporter
Art & Culture

Wang dances into the light after 20 years

It took Wang Jiajun more than 20 years to make his way from the back of the stage as a supporting player to underneath the spotlight as the leading dancer he is today.
Art & Culture

Exhibition explores failure as a success

It has been said many times that "failure is the mother of success." And an exhibition, "Museum of Failure," exploring that idiom is in its full swing at the No.1 Shopping Center.
Art & Culture

Calculating curves puts Zhang ahead in modern design

Zhang Shuojiong has emerged as a rising star in the digital architectural world with his fancy design language that liberates architectural geometry.
Art & Culture

Electric meters, eclectic tastes define this collector

Rag-picker or junk collector? Ma Jiqiu doesn't care what people call him.

Shopping's rise from rationing to today's abundance

From just one shopping street decades ago to today's malls and plazas, Songjiang District's retail industry has been going at full speed over the past 40 years.

A retrospective of old cameras in photo history

The Shanghai Camera History Museum brings the evolution of photography in China into sharp focus and evokes nostalgia among Shanghai locals.
Art & Culture

Tse's world of art creates a sense of intimacy

The solo exhibition "Nested" by Luxembourg-based artist Su-Mei Tse is on display at Yuz Museum till March 24, 2019.
Art & Culture

Artist's series reflects time spent with her father

Artist Chen Ke's solo exhibition "The Real Deal is Talking with Dad" is on display at Yuz Museum till March 24, 2019.

Reform from a foreign perspective

A new book tells the stories of expats who witnessed the changes over four decades since China launched the reform and opening-up policy.
Art & Culture

'Lucky Hands' in pursuit of dinosaurs

As a little boy, Xing Lida was obsessed by dinosaurs. He never grew out of it. He has become a hunter of prehistoric life.