Tan Weiyun

Feature Reporter

Defying death on sheer cliffsides

It takes bravado and a touch of craziness to explore the craggy summits of Mt Huashan. But as our reporter found out, it pays to check the weather forecast before setting out.

All the ways we kept in touch

Remember the old rotary-dial telephones or sending telegrams? Our modes of communication have undergone great changes in the last century, and one Shanghai museum captures it all.
Art & Culture

Phoenix rising: return of the slinky dress

Qipao, the traditional Chinese body-hugging dress with high side slits,  is now enjoying a bit of a renaissance at the venerable Long Feng Chinese Clothing Store in Shanghai.


Happiness is ... working at Happy Valley

They are always hidden behind the thick make-up and costumes. They are the funny clowns, emcees, magicians and dancing "dragons" in Happy Valley, an amusement park in Songjiang. 
Art & Culture

Chants to soothe the soul, impart wisdom

A celebrated musical ensemble at Shanghai's Jade Buddha Temple enlightens a modern age about ancient traditions of religion, wisdom and philosophy.

Chopsticks help define the culture of a nation

In a small private museum in Shanghai, a collector celebrates the everyday utensils that have fed Chinese for millennia.
Art & Culture

Time for tea, kung fu style

"I won't quit," says Ye Hanzhong who doesn't like being called a "master." A controversial figure, Ye sees his mission as promoting the Chaozhou gongfu (kung fu) tea ceremony. 


Take a flying leap into the world of kung fu fighting

The Chinese Martial Arts Museum takes visitors on a whirlwind tour of kung fu history with its fascinating collection of over 2,000 items.
Art & Culture

Artists' stamps shine brightly for years

There's a lot more that goes into that red stamp on Chinese paintings and calligraphy than meets the eye. Making the ink is a painstaking process that has survived for many years.

Festival floods urban landscape with a sea of blooming colors

Jinshan District has been turned into a sea of blooming flowers as the city's southwestern district launched the Hundred Flowers (baihua) Festival.