Tan Weiyun

Feature Reporter
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Time for tea, kung fu style

"I won't quit," says Ye Hanzhong who doesn't like being called a "master." A controversial figure, Ye sees his mission as promoting the Chaozhou gongfu (kung fu) tea ceremony. 


Take a flying leap into the world of kung fu fighting

The Chinese Martial Arts Museum takes visitors on a whirlwind tour of kung fu history with its fascinating collection of over 2,000 items.
Art & Culture

Artists' stamps shine brightly for years

There's a lot more that goes into that red stamp on Chinese paintings and calligraphy than meets the eye. Making the ink is a painstaking process that has survived for many years.

Festival floods urban landscape with a sea of blooming colors

Jinshan District has been turned into a sea of blooming flowers as the city's southwestern district launched the Hundred Flowers (baihua) Festival.


Bright and bold, posters capture a colorful past

A unique museum in Shanghai traces the history of modern China through the evolving poster art that reflected changing periods of social development.

Artist carves out his own world in paper cutting

With a small knife and a piece of red paper, Zhu Jinhui cuts and carves out his own realm. 

Living treasures can tell district's story

Old trees are also valued as an important indicator.
Art & Culture

Telling the time over centuries

Chinese collector's treasures on show are a testament to a lifetime's dedication to the art of watch and clock makers around the world.  

Traditions come and go, but spirit prevails steadfast

With each passing year, the Chinese New Year is showing that society can teach an old dog new tricks as modern urban life slowly changes our habits of celebrating.
Art & Culture

Unique New Year prints show daily life in the early 1900s

Xiaojiaochang prints, which take their name from the part of Shanghai that is today's City God Temple area, depicts life not traditionally reproduced in Chinese folk art.