Tan Weiyun

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Traditions come and go, but spirit prevails steadfast

With each passing year, the Chinese New Year is showing that society can teach an old dog new tricks as modern urban life slowly changes our habits of celebrating.
Art & Culture

Unique New Year prints show daily life in the early 1900s

Xiaojiaochang prints, which take their name from the part of Shanghai that is today's City God Temple area, depicts life not traditionally reproduced in Chinese folk art.

Lights, camera, action! Projecting film history

China has a century-old "Tinseltown" of its own, all captured now in Shanghai Film Museum that traces the industry's legends and the evolution of domestic filmmaking.

Huang's putting history back together

Huang Wei works at the Shanghai Crafts and Arts Factory to restore and repair antiques and artworks.

Don't let the smell put you off this delicious treat

Known as one of the most "disgusting" of Shanghai dishes, chou tofu – smelly tofu – repels many gourmands because of its unique and unpleasant smell.

Art & Culture

What's on in Songjiang

Songjiang's events 

Soldier who died a hero's death in huge fire

Born into a poor family in Wujing Village, Maogang Town, Jiang Daolin is respected as a hero who died a glorious death to put out a massive fire.

Bridging the gaps between yesterday and today

Check out these Songjiang bridges that not only tell their splendid history but also promise a bright future for the district.
Art & Culture

Small beginning for mighty Huangpu

The Huangpu River has nurtured Shanghai for centuries.
Art & Culture

Nimble fingers turn dough into delicate art

Chen Yu, 68, has devoted almost 40 years to making dough figurines. The traditional art is among Shanghai's and also China's intangible cultural heritage.