Hermès Maison in Shanghai unveils new autumn windows

Tan Weiyun
Titled "Overwhelming Crash" and designed by South Korean artist Jimin Chae, each window presents a scene from an unfamiliar world in the aftermath of a colossal collision.
Tan Weiyun

Shot by Tan Weiyun. Edited by Tan Weiyun. Reported by Tan Weiyun. Subtitles by Tan Weiyun.

The Hermès Maison in Shanghai has recently unveiled its new autumn windows entitled "Overwhelming Crash," designed by South Korean artist Jimin Chae. The sudden arrival of the huge green and blue walls breaks the confines of space and unleashes the power of nature and life.

As Chae's first three-dimensional art installation, the autumn windows break through the boundaries of artificial and natural environments through non-linear narratives. Each window presents an independent scene from an unfamiliar world in the aftermath of a colossal collision.

The artist builds an undiscovered realm of wonder that shatters established norms with striking visual impacts, inviting viewers to embark on their own exclusive journey.

The women's universe window tells the story of "An Old Basement" – as the artificially constructed green wall collapses, nature infiltrates and spreads through the cracks born from the collision. A woman ventures into the long-forgotten basement, where a multitude of Hermès objects await exploration.

In the men's universe window, entitled "A Sord of Mallards," chaos follows as a giant blue wall abruptly appears, causing rapid disintegration throughout space. At the same time, stairs and doors – symbols of daily life order – are torn into pieces in the foreground, and a sord of mallards flies across the sky, with their wings stirring up the wind of freedom, blowing life force into the jumbled space.

On both sides of the main entrance, "The Start of an Adventure" accessories windows serve as a prologue to an enchanting tale, converging blue and green to vividly represent the vastness of the sky and the earth.

Based in Seoul, South Korea, Chae delves deep into the spatial aspects of two-dimensional painting. By randomly combining fragments of images captured in different moments of life, he creates a visually strong sense of wonder, exploring a unique realm of inspiration in the interplay between art and everyday life.

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