Crackdown to target bike abuse

The city launches a three-week crackdown from Thursday to curb shared bike abuses such as illegal parking.

The city will launch a campaign from Thursday till September 30 to crack down on long-complained issues about the city's booming bike-sharing service.

Illegal parking by users and flooding downtown with too many bikes by the bike-sharing companies are key targets of the crackdown, the city's transportation commission said.

Large numbers of bikes blocking walkways, officials said, adding that the companies are too slow to curb the numbers of bikes when overcrowding becomes severe .

The authority said on Thursday that local transportation authorities will tighten management to ensure the requirements it issued in August are carried out, particularly with regard to ensuring the bike companies stop launching new bikes onto the streets.

The officials say offending companies will have violations recorded on their credit profiles.

The city has added bike parking areas to meet the increasing demands. But local governments will be asked to launch more patrols on roads and to remove illegally parked bikes, especially in key areas such as transportation hubs, Metro and bus stations, and hospitals. 

On August 18, the authority sent a note to local bike sharing operators, requiring them to stop launching new bikes in the city and to increase their numbers of maintenance staff.

Crackdown to target bike abuse
Jiang Xiaowei / SHINE
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