City plans to build more sports venues for locals

Shanghai citizens averagely own 1.83 square meters of sports venue per person, fewer than that in other major cities and provinces like Beijing and Guangdong.

A SHANGHAI sports official said more neighborhood sports venues will be built this year to make up for the city’s lack of sports facilities.

Xu Bin, director of Shanghai Sports Bureau, said the city intends to build more roof-top ball game venues, as well as small-scale neighborhood sports facilities this year. Xu said every citizen should be able to reach a sports venue in around 15 minutes.

“We shall take into consideration the limited public space in downtown areas when designing the venues. The bureau will continue to encourage more enterprises to take part in organizing sports events and competitions,” Xu said.

Shanghai citizens, on an average, have 1.83 square meters of sports venue per person, according to statistics made available by the bureau.

Though the figure is higher than the country’s average level, Shanghai lags behind others when compared to other cities and neighboring provinces.

“We included the golf courses and F1 circuit when calculating the average figure. In downtown areas, the figure is even lower,” Xu said.

Residents of Jing’an District had only 0.61 square meters of sports facilities per person in 2016.

Beijing citizens had an average of 2.25 square meters of sports venues per person in 2016. In provinces like Jiangsu and Guangdong, the average figure also surpassed 2 square meters per person.

The bureau said over 40 percent of Shanghai citizens exercise regularly.

“Our research shows that the time youngsters spend on sports is very little. White collar workers are facing sub-health issues due to lack of exercise. The elderly people too have limited choice for exercises.”

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