Hired killer goes to jail 17 years after murder

A fugitive involved in the killing of a man 17 years ago has finally been arrested and sentenced to 11 years behind bars, according to Qingpu District People's Court.

A fugitive wanted for the murder of a man 17 years ago has finally been arrested and sentenced to 11 years in jail, according to Qingpu District People’s Court.

The murder occurred at 7pm on October 5, 2001, when the fugitive surnamed Lu, then aged 20, and four others, were paid by a group of seven people to “take revenge” on their “business rival,” a man surnamed Zhang.

They reached Zhang’s apartment in Qingpu, where Zhang’s two friends were also present. Using iron pipes, they hit the three on the head. Zhang died of severe head injuries while the two others survived with injuries, the court said.

While others were caught and jailed, Lu managed to evade the police. His whereabouts finally came to light on January 25, 2017, when Qingpu prosecutor Chen Bin was tipped off by a detainee surnamed Wang.

Part of Chen’s work involves visiting the district’s detention house and talking to detainees. Wang asked him if it was possible to receive a reduced sentence by becoming a whistleblower. “I immediately realized that he knew something that we had all missed,” Chen said.

Wang said he had met Lu several times in their hometown in Baogai Town in Fujian Province when he was not in jail. Lu had told him about the murder 17 years ago.

Based on clues given by Wang, police caught Lu one month later. He has been jailed for 11 years for intentional injury and has not filed an appeal, the court said.

“I thought that it was such an old case that no one would care about it anymore,” Lu said after being caught. 

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