Strict new children's nursery regulations to be announced

Shanghai will soon release regulations for children's nurseries that require every corner to be monitored by surveillance cameras.

Shanghai will soon release regulations for children's nurseries that require every corner to be monitored by surveillance cameras, Lu Jing, director of Shanghai Education Commission, said on Friday.

He added that security footage should also be stored securely, but did not say when the documents will be released.

Lu said family should play a major role in child caring to ensure the good growth of children, both physically and psychologically, but the city has also noticed an increasing demand for child care services due to the baby boom and busy parent workloads.

To meet demand, the commission joined hands with another 15 government departments at the end of last year to discuss the establishment of a nursing system for kids aged under three, and an effective mechanism to regulate local nurseries.

"The main principle is that family will still be the main force in childcare, but the government will guide and support social forces to provide qualified and diversified services," said Lu.

As several child abuse cases in childcare organizations have been reported recently, Lu said the government will strengthen regulations to ensure the security and health of kids.

Lu said proposed regulations will include requirements on space, canteens, kitchens, security, and healthcare measures and facilities.

Those in charge of nurseries must be experienced, and supporting staff, including baby sitters, child care workers, dieticians, hygienists and security guards all have to be qualified, he added.

He also said there will be a ratio between staff and kids introduced to ensure security and high quality service.

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